40th anniversary of the Siahkal uprising

The BBC Persian service has featured an hour long documentary about the Siakhal uprising instigated by Iran’s Fedayeen in 1971. Mohammd Reza Shalgouni defends the left wing of the Fedayeen, and Khaligh of the Fedayeen majority represents the right. The video is 52 minutes long and is in Farsi. http://www.bbc.co.uk/persian/tv/2010/02/000000_ptv_pargar.shtml

Divided theocratic regime paralysed by sanctions

As the US steps up it efforts to provoke regime change from above, Yassamine Mather looks at the reasons for the failure of the working class to win leadership of the opposition movement New sanctions imposed by the United States government last week were the most significant hostile moves against Iran’s Islamic Republic since 1979.… Continue reading Divided theocratic regime paralysed by sanctions