Attacks on Mashhad University Students

Mashhad University students protest Basij and Hezbollah violence
Mashhad University students protest Basij and Hezbollah violence

On December 30 two students were critically wounded and scores injured by knife wielding members of Ansar-e Hezbollah and Basij militia, up to 500 thugs were brought in to attack students at Mashhad University after they staged anti-regime protests during Ashura. One of the students professors was also attacked and sustained knife wounds, whilst a young female student was badly injured after being struck repeatedly over the head with a piece of wood. Students at the university were holding silent mourning ceremonies for the Ashura were they opposed the repression of popular protests. The police aided the Basij and Hezbollah by blocking the roads leading up to the University and attacking crowds of students with tear gas and batons. Around 210 students and youth were arrested by the state-repressive forces throughout the recent Ashura protests. Below is the video of the brutal attack by Basij and Hezbollah on students:

The day after over 4000 students and professors staged protests against the attacks and arrests at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and Azad University of Mashhad but were laid siege by security forces and militia. Students, professors and parents have trie dto find out information on the arrested and injured. The local judiciary is refusing to release information on the two seriously injured students, leading to speculation that the student have died and the authorities do not want there funerals to become a focus of further anti-regime protests. Students sent a delegation of representatives from the Islamic Organisation of the university to a meeting with university officials where they were arrested. Amongst those arrested is Seyed Sadra Mirada a relative of Khamanei. Below is a video of the gathering of students and youth on December 31:

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