Videos from the Hopi Emergency Solidarity Meeting on June 20

Here are the videos of yesterday’s solidarity meeting, which was attended by over 40 people and raised 230 pounds for our comrades struggling in Iran. The Speakers were Yassamine Mather and Moshe Machover with the Green Party’s Jim Jepps in the Chair. To find out more about upcoming HOPI meetings, or to request a speaker… Continue reading Videos from the Hopi Emergency Solidarity Meeting on June 20

Videos from HOPI weekend school June 14-15

John McDonnell- the anti-war movement and challenges faced by HOPI Bill Bowring and Mike Macnair- War, human rights, and humanitarian interventions David Mather and Amir Javaheri Langaroudi – The working class Torab Saleth – The 1979 Revolution and its aftermath Moshe Machover – Iran, Israel, and nuclear weapons Christine Cooper – The effects of sanctions… Continue reading Videos from HOPI weekend school June 14-15

Yassamine Mather debates pro-war columnist Nick Cohen

This debate took place at the Soho Theatre, London, on January 29th 2008. There are four videos, or an MP3 of the meeting can be downloaded. 1. Yassamine Mather opens the debate 2. Yassamine Mather continued 3. Nick Cohen responds 4. Nick Cohen continued

Videos from launch conference

Hopi launch conference – videos Yassamine Mather welcomes participants to the conference Torab Saleth (Workers Left Unity Iran) leads a commemoration for the Iranian victims of imperialism and the theocratic regime Mark Fischer (Communist Party of Great Britain) explains why democrats and socialists must fight on two fronts Does Iran have the right to have… Continue reading Videos from launch conference

Talking with Tatchell

For his programme on 18 Doughty Street, Peter Tatchell interviewed Mark Fischer of Hands Off the People of Iran and the CPGB and Yassamine Mather of Workers Left Unity Iran, 21 September 2007