Protests continue in Iran – Free All Political Prisoners

Protests are not fizzling out
Protests are not fizzling out

Bazaari’s in Tehran struck on Saturday (June 27) against the continued post-election repression, the carpet Bazaar was closed down down and trading was almost non existent.

Over the last couple of days actions against the regime have continued across Iran. Further repression and killings have taken place with some families having no idea whether or not their relatives are alive or dead. In clashes on Saturday at least three people were wounded in the city centre as security forces attacked people who were moving towards Laleh Park to attend a rally called by the mothers of the dead. Plain clothes police officers and members of the Basij were waiting for protesters and attacked the demonstrators who were shouting “Marg Bar Diktator” (Death to the Dictator). On Friday (June 26) hundreds of residents of Janat-Abad district in western Tehran fought running battles with security forces as well as chanting “Marg Bar Khamenei” and “Marg Bar Diktator” there were several injuries and over a dozen arrests.

On Thursday (June 25) thousands of people came out and demonstrated in various parts of Tehran, security forces were heavily concentrated in Enghelab, Karegar, Jamazadeh and Vali-Asr streets. Protesters chanted slogans against the supreme leader and the Islamic Republic.

Free Bita Samimizad – Free All Political Prisoners!

We have received requests from student comrades in Iran to raise the plight of political prisoners in Iran and to call for their release. At the moment they are very worried about a student called Bita Samimizad. Bita was born in October 1986, and and is studying Physics at Amirkabir Polytechnic university. She is a leftist activist and a translator, she has recently co-translated the book: ‘France – The struggle goes on’ by Tony Cliff (1968). She was also arrested in 2007 and spent 40 days in the notorious Evin, last Saturday she was arrested about 5 o’clock at 16th Azar street (Shanzdahe Azar street) which is very close to Enghelab sq. She was arrested by plain clothes members of the Sepah and is in Evin prison now, she has been able to call her mom once and let her know she is in Evin. We call on all supporters to send us messages of support that we can pass on but also to send messages demanding the immediate release of Bita and all political prisoners to the Iranian consulate:

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran
16 Prince’s Gate
London SW7 1PT
Tel: 0207 225 3000

Videos from the last three days


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