Mansour Osanloo survives attempt on his life in prison

Free Osanloo NOW!
Free Osanloo NOW!

The head of the Bus Drivers Union, Mansour Osanloo was assaulted on Monday by an inmate in Karaj’s Rajai-Shahr Prison.

RAHANA – Mansour Osanloo was assaulted today in Rajai-Shahr prison by an inmate who is said to be a former IRGC member. The inmate who was the attacker had the support and encouragement of prison guards. This is not the first time the union leader is attacked by other prisoners.

According to HRDAI, Osanloo was attacked from behind by an inmate who attempted to stab him, while he was talking to 2 fellow inmates in the prison courtyard. Oslanloo was saved and taken away by his friends’ swift reaction.

The attack happened in front of a prison guard called Hasanpour, and another individual, Moradi, who is the head of inmates in ward 4. Prison guards at first did not react to the attack but disarmed the attacker after other political prisoners who were present at the scene protested the guards’ inaction. The attacker continued to charge Osanloo even after he was disarmed and threatened to kill him later. He is said to have a history of provoking fights in prison and is convicted of killing his wife.

Osanloo has just come out of a 1-week solitary confinement. He was arrested in July of 2009 and sentenced to 5 years in prison for anti national security activities. He was illegally transferred to Rajai-Shahr prison in September of 2009.

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