Videos: HOPI AGM 2011

Please click on the links to view the videos: Mark Fischer (Hopi secretary) opens Hopi AGM 2011 Wikileaks, war and revolution – Moshe Machover Wikileaks, war and revolution – Mike Macnair The situation in Iran – Ruben Markarian (Rahe Kargar) The situation in Iran – Yassamine Mather John McDonnell launches campaign ‘Free Jafar Panahi and… Continue reading Videos: HOPI AGM 2011

Women’s Day March, March 7 2010, in London

If you are outraged by 31 years of anti-women Islamic laws against Iranian women! If you are disgusted by 31 years religious oppression and repression! If your heart is full of pain because of fallen heroines such as Neda and Taraneh! If you hate the inequality and discrimination against women! If you oppose patriarchy in… Continue reading Women’s Day March, March 7 2010, in London