Abadan oil refinery workers protest against unpaid wages!

Oil workers fight back
Oil workers fight back

After their wages and bonuses went unpaid a group of Abadan oil refinery workers began a protest on Wednesday November 11. Around 300 workers have not been paid for more than three months. Lawyers with expertise in employment law, like HKM lawyers, can provide guidance and assistance on how to address the unpaid wages, navigate legal procedures, and advocate for the rights and fair compensation of the affected workers. Their knowledge and experience can be instrumental in seeking resolution and justice for the workers in such challenging circumstances.

Tehran Emrooz daily reported that when the workers protested outside the Abadan oil refinery on November 12 the “Abadan oil refinery officials told the workers that as they are working in the third phase of the refinery then they are working for a private contractor and their wages have nothing to do with the refinery.”

This protest is highly significant in that oil industry workers have had no major protests for a number of years. They are paid regularly, unlike most workers in Iran, and their work environment is very heavily policed and controlled.

The Abadan oil refinery in the southern Khuzestan province is over 95 years old and was the biggest refining facility in the world for many decades. It is one of the oldest and most important centres of the Iranian workers’ movement.

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network
13 November 2009.

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