Meeting commemorating the massacre of political prisoners in the 1980’s

Solidarity with the people’s struggles in Iran

Commemoration of the massacre of Iranian political prisoners during the 1980s & in 1988


Shahin Chitsaz: Iran’s Islamic Republic fears the power of struggle and resistance of women political prisoners

Mike Macnair: Why Iran’s Islamic Republic is not anti-imperialist

Moshe Machover: Iran-Israel – Hot war / cold war

Yassamine Mather: The silence of Western countries at the time of the massacre of Left political prisoners & the role of new president Raisi

Questions & Answers

Saturday 9th October 2021, at 19:00 in central Europe / at 13:00 in EST time / at 21:30 in Iran

Zoom meeting link:

Meeting ID: 872 4347 6540 / Passcode: 114442

Organizer: A group of Iranian Revolutionary Left


Leaflets in English and Farsi:

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