Another day of bloodshed and resistance in Iran – June 24

Resistance on the streets of Tehran
Resistance on the streets of Tehran

Today saw thousands of people come back out on to the streets of Iran in opposition to the brutality of the Iranian regime. The supreme leader has said that he will not yield to street protests and has not been shy in turning the squares and streets of Tehran into rivers of blood. Fierce clashes have taken place in Baharestan Square, near parliament. The protesters defended themselves with rocks and the creation of barricades and at one pointed routed Basij scum from their positions.  At this time we can be sure that at least one person has been shot dead and over 30 have been injured in the clashes at Baharestan Square.

Thousands of parents and relatives of detainees attempted to petition the authorities today outside Tehran’s Enghelaab (Revolution) Court but were attacked by security forces with a dozen joining family members in Iran’s jails and police stations.

Over 500 protestors gathered at Sadeghieh Square and were quickly attacked by Basij and Hezbollah, at Tajrish Square, Anak Square and Azadi Square thousands of protestors were driven back after being attacked by security forces. Though the security forces were met with sustained opposition and were drive back  at times.

Outside of Tehran protests have continued and we expect to receive reports very soon. What the last couple of days have shown is that the people of Iran are not simply staying at home but are facing down a gauntlet of bullets and batons to challenge the regime.



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