Audio: interview on Iran protests at Counterpunch

HOPI chair Yassamine Mather was invited on another radio show / podcast in the US, Counterpunch. “This time Eric welcomes back Yassamine Mather to discuss the protest movement in Iran and the implications for the government and society. Yassamine explains the origins and class character of the protests, the ways in which the government has… Continue reading Audio: interview on Iran protests at Counterpunch

Something has to give

Mahsa Amini’s killing at the hands of the morality police sparked protests in every province. The young, in particular female students and school students, refuse to be ruled in the old way. However, the Islamic regime seems determined to keep on using mass repression, fear and the cloak of religion, says Yassamine Mather The first… Continue reading Something has to give

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Video: Protests, sanctions and regime change from above

HOPI chair Yassamine Mather takes part in a debate on the wave of protest hitting Iran, along with author Nasrin Parvaz, David Miller (Palestine Declassified), and others. “With tens of thousands of Iranians protesting on the streets, we were joined by three commentators who have been following the events closely – and who have very… Continue reading Video: Protests, sanctions and regime change from above

Audio: Yassamine Mather on Iranian protest movement

The chair of HOPI was a guest on Suzi Weissman’s radio show Beneath the Surface. “Iranian scholar-activist Yassamine Mather on the nationwide protest movement in Iran and around the globe, sparked by the brutal murder of Mahsa Amini in police custody for wearing a loose hijab. The violent response of the theocratic regime, cracking down… Continue reading Audio: Yassamine Mather on Iranian protest movement

Putting two and two together

A new nuclear deal is now probably on the cards, says Yassamine Mather. But Iran’s conservatives, US Republicans and the Israeli government are fuming At a time when the western media is totally focussed on facts and fiction about Ukraine, we do not hear much about the Iran nuclear negotiations, even though a lot seems… Continue reading Putting two and two together

In the final round

Neither Russia nor China can afford to come to the rescue. Yassamine Mather shows that for Iran a great deal hangs on the results of the Vienna negotiations After months of discussion at the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action talks in Vienna, Iran’s minister of foreign affairs, Amir Abdollahian, admitted on January 24 that its… Continue reading In the final round

Dismal political failings

There can be no excuse for taking money and doing the bidding of neocons and reactionaries. Yassamine Mather savages the so-called ‘people’s tribunal’ which took place in London last week When Iranians ask me why the European and US left seems to have nothing to say about workers’ protests in Iran and at times appears… Continue reading Dismal political failings

Bitter fruit of imperialism

Islamist jihadism is a modern, not an ancient, phenomenon. Yassamine Mather looks at causes, social roots and terrible consequences In the aftermath of every Islamist terror attacks in America, Europe or the UK, such as the stabbing of Tory MP David Amess, we hear the ‘analysts’ and media pundits come up with the same nonsense… Continue reading Bitter fruit of imperialism

Honouring the victims

On October 9 a group of Iranian revolutionaries, now mainly based in North America and Europe, organised an online meeting to commemorate the 1988 massacre of political prisoners. Among the speakers were Yassamine Mather, Shahin Chitsaz and Mike Macnair In recent years – especially since the start of the nuclear confrontations/negotiations between Iran’s Islamic Republic… Continue reading Honouring the victims

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