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Executions and repression intensify in Iran

With the continued threat of war, the sanctions siege and the dual political and economic crisis within Iran the repression of opposition forces is continuing and intensifying. On Tuesday May 17 two brothers, Mohammad (27) and Abdollah (29) Fathi, were … Continue reading

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Iranian hunger strikers sew their lips together in protest at UK deportation

The Guardian – Four Iranians, including a 17-year-old boy, are on hunger strike and have sewn their lips together with fishing wire in protest at plans by the British government to send them back to Tehran. The men, who are … Continue reading

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Imprisoned student activist in coma

According to the Daneshjoo News website, since the onset of Arash Sadeghi’s hunger strike on March 15, 2010 until the present, his physical condition has severely deteriorated. The effects of torture by government agents has been so severe that the … Continue reading

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Iranian asylum seeker on hunger strike


I found out about their hunger strike and the sewing of their lips while surfing through Facebook. It is as if Norwegian journalists have turned mute and they have shut their eyes. Until today there was no news on it … Continue reading

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Repression against students continues: Borhan Baqaee and Mehran Koosha sentenced in Mashhad


Borhan Baqaee and Mehran Koosha two leftwing students of the Freedom and Equality Seeking Students (Daneshjouyan-e Azadi Khah va Beraber Talab) group have been sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment each though suspended for 5 years at the Revolutionart Court … Continue reading

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Iranian student activist Alireza Davoudi dies from torture inflicted injuries


Hopi activists have just received the sad news that Iranian activist Alireza Davoudi died yesterday from a heart attack resulting from the extreme torture he was subjected to in the Islamic Republic’s jails. This is a sad loss to our … Continue reading

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