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Yassamine Mather: Workers gain new courage

Workers fight back

Iranian demonstrations have given a real boost to working class opponents of the regime, writes Yassamine Mather Every year November 4, the anniversary of the 1979 take-over of the US embassy in Tehran, is marked in Iran with a state-organised demonstration outside the building that used to house the American ambassador and his staff. On […] → Continue Reading Yassamine Mather: Workers gain new courage

Abadan oil refinery workers protest against unpaid wages!

Oil workers fight back

After their wages and bonuses went unpaid a group of Abadan oil refinery workers began a protest on Wednesday November 11. Around 300 workers have not been paid for more than three months. Tehran Emrooz daily reported that when the workers protested outside the Abadan oil refinery on November 12 the “Abadan oil refinery officials […] → Continue Reading Abadan oil refinery workers protest against unpaid wages!

Mass protests continue across Iran (Videos)

Protests shake the Islamic Republic

On November 4th students, workers and youth have formed mass demonstrations in 9 different districts in Tehran and in other cities such as Rasht, Isfahan and Shiraz. Below are some of the videos:

Videos of Student protests at Azad University in Tehran

Student Protest at Azad University Central Branch in Tehran دانشگاه آزاد مرکز ۲۱ مهر from Freedom Messenger.

Azadi Stadium erupts against the regime

Fans defy calls to keep protests away from stadium

Imagine going to a Celtic vs Rangers derby and seeing both sides fans chant the same slogans, march together afterwards and defend each other from the police. You would probably think you have entered an alternative universe. In Iran that is what happened on October 2 at Azadi stadium when Perspolis (باشگاه فوتبال پرسپولیس) and […] → Continue Reading Azadi Stadium erupts against the regime

"We are countless!" – Video of Sharif University Protests

Video of Sharif University Tehran from September 29 demonstrations:

Recent footage of protest in Iran

Tehran Rally Against Ahmadinejad اعتراض به نتایج انتخابات 18 june 2009, ۱۳۸۸ خرداد ۲۷ سال: [youtube=]