Crepe Naz workers go on strike

Two hundred and fifty workers at the Crepe Naz textiles factory in Harsin County (in Kermanshah Province, western Iran) stopped work on 12-15 September to protest against not being paid their wages for the past four months.

The Crepe Naz factory is affiliated to Mellat Bank and operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Industries and Mines. Its workers work a three-shift pattern in a day.

During the strike representatives from Harsin County governor’s office, the county’s Labour Office and the Kermanshah Province governor’s office, visited the factory to assess the situation. In the end, fearing that they might be sacked using the factory’s bankruptcy as an excuse, the workers accepted that their unpaid wages can be paid in ‘two instalments’ and went back to work.

The workers agreed that to begin with they would accept 200,000 tomans ($202.47) as the ‘first instalment’ and that in late September they would receive the remaining 275,000 tomans ($253.09) of their wages. They also issued an ultimatum to their employer that if they are not paid all their backpay by late October then they would go on strike again.

Source: The Free Trade Union of Iranian Workers
Translation: Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network.

Two teachers arrested in Karaj charged with attempting to organize strike

Free All Political Prisoners
Free All Political Prisoners

The suppressive agents of the State Security Forces attacked “Shohaday-e Saypa” technical school in Qalam Street of Karaj arresting two teachers at 11:00am on Tuesday. They were charged with planning to organize a strike on behalf of part time teachers. They were taken to undisclosed location.

The employees and teachers of the educational establishment in Iran have been suffering from deteriorating living conditions and discriminatory policies imposed by the ruling mullahs over the past three decades. The employment of part time teachers is even more devastating.

The mullahs’ regime has refused to fulfill its promises to grant employment benefits including health insurance and housing to those employees who have worked for over 10 years.

Source: Freedom Messenger

Defiance and Resistance at Tehran University

Thousands of Tehran University students swelled the streets around the university’s main entrance and and Alameh Amini Auditorium where the Science Minister, Kamran Daneshjoo was supposed to be taking part in the opening ceremonies. Students ripped up posters and demanded the expulsion of the minister from campus forcing the security forces to fire tear gas and close the campus gates. In the surrounding streets, the repressive forces attacked the demonstrations and clashes broke out. The students chanted slogans such as ‘Down with the dictator’, ‘Coup d’etat government – Resign! Resign!’ and ‘Down with the Elite – Iran has turned into a military base!’.

Below are some videos from today’s protest: