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Iran continues clamp down on student activists

Iranian authorities are continuing to clamp down on student activists by restricting their activities and throwing more activists in jail.

As student organizations are faced with severe limitations on their activities, close to 70 student activists are currently in Islamic Republic prisons on various security and political charges.

Ashkan Zahabian, a student at Fardowsi University in Mashhad and a member of Takim-e Vahadat, Iran’s largest student organization, was arrested yesterday for the third time since the controversial re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which triggered widespread protests across Iran in 2009.

In Tehran, officials seeking to arrest activist and Amir Kabir university student Pedram Rafati have raided the home of his parents over the past two days.

Rafati was arrested by the Revolutionary Guards in June 2009 and sentenced to two years in prison.

Daneshjoo News also reports that new charges have been brought against Bahraeh Hedayat, Mehdieh Golrou and Majid Tavakoli, three prominent student activists who are already serving harsh sentences in Evin Prison.

They were reportedly taken to court from prison and sentenced to an extra six months in jail.

The new charges stemmed from the announcements they issued to student activists marking National Student Day in Iran.

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Imprisoned Journalist Abdolreza Tajik Tells Sister, “I Was Violated”

197BBC Persian talks to Abdolreza Tajik’s sister on her recent visit with her brother in prison. According to Tajik, he was “violated in prison.” Tajik is currently detained in Evin prison.

Listen to the audio of interview in Persian

Abdolreza Tajik’s sister: After following up with the Prosecutor’s Office, I was able to get an appointment with [Tehran’s] Attorney General. After talking to him, the Prosecutor gave me visitation time [with my brother Abdolreza Tajik].

Two days before the visit, Abdolreza called home. On Thursday I went to visit him in prison. Abdolreza stated in the visit that [the agents who arrested him] had no arrest warrant. He was very upset and angry and said, “When they brought me in, on the first night of detention, in the presence of the Lieutenant Attorney General and the magistrate of branch 1, I was violated (my self respect and dignity were violated).”

I asked him to explain what he meant. I really didn’t know what he meant [by violation]. He offered no explanation and just said, “Tell the Attorney General or Mr. Sharif (Mr. Tajik’s lawyer). They will know.”  He asked to immediately meet with the Prosecutor and his lawyer so he can inform them of the issue.

BBC: After the visit, what actions did you take? Apparently, you wrote a letter to the Judiciary Chief?

Tajik’s sister: In the past ten days, I have written three letters to the Attorney General’s Office (AGO). You may not believe it, but I was at the AGO every other day asking for my questions [about Mr. Tajik’s ordeal] to be answered. Even if they don’t want to explain to me, I ask that he [I.e. the Prosecutor] and Mr. Sharif go and visit Abolreza. I have not received any reply. They say that no order about acting on my letter was given. Then, I went to the Judiciary Office and wrote a letter to Mr. Larijani (Head of the Judiciary). I explained to him the issue in question. I wrote that since AGO is not responding to my requests, I am writing to the higher authority. There, they told me that Mr. Larijani does not respond to these letters and they returned my letter. It wasn’t just me, my brother was there too, and he had signed the letter too. I took back the letter that now bore a stamp and mailed it to the Office of the Judiciary. I had not choice but to write the letter.

I am very distressed now. I feel the Attorney General and the Head of the Judiciary did not address my concern. I raised my voice so that they hear the voice of my brother, the voice of his innocence.

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