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Free Mansour Osanloo Now! Interview with Parvaneh Osanloo

Free Osanlou NOW!
Free Osanlou NOW!

On 23 June security agents of the Iranian regime attacked Zoya Samadi, Mansour Osanloo’s daughter-in-law. Because of this attack Zoya Samadi sustained various injuries and subsequently had a miscarriage. Mansour Osanloo, the leader of the Vahed Bus Company drivers, is currently in prison because of his involvement in the struggles of the Tehran bus drivers to set up a trade union and defend their jobs and working conditions. The following is HRANA’s interview with Parvaneh Osanloo, Mansour’s wife, about the attack.

HRANA: Mrs Osanloo, there has been a news report published about an attack on your daughter-in-law. Is this true?
PO: Unfortunately, yes.
HRANA: Is there a precedent for this type of incident?
PO: Up until now my daughter-in-law has met Mr Osanloo just once, which was on her engagement night. But from the day she became connected with us, in addition to many nuisance phone calls and occasional threats against her, a few months ago they even pulled a gun (Colt) on her!!
We complained to the court about this but this issue was not followed up.
HRANA: Can you explain the details of this incident to us?
PO: Yes, my daughter-in-law is an engineer and in employment. Because of the harassment that she has been subjected to she is always either forced to use a taxi agency, with its soaring costs, or we take her to her destination. But on Wednesday (June 23), it just so happened that she was using public transport and the metro to go to work.
When my young daughter-in-law got off the train at Tarasht station, so that passengers can get on and off, she was attacked by a number of agents. They pulled her hair from behind and pulled her down on to the ground. My daughter-in-law became aware as to why they were doing this and, while calling out that she was Mansour Osanloo’s daughter-in-law, began shouting to people for help. They, according to what they know of Mr Osanloo, were looking on in shock, and before any reaction [from anyone] the agents had blindfolded and muzzled her and transferred her to an unknown location.
There, while leaning her against the wall, they began to beat her …
HRANA: Do the signs of the beating show?
PO: Yes, absolutely; … during the beating her gums and teeth were severely injured. On that Wednesday, after she reached home, she had nausea and even vomited a few times. Last night she had a nose bleed and we were forced to take her to the doctor and have an MRI scan.
HRANA: What can be the reason for this inhuman and illegal incident?
PO: After her abduction the agents placed a ‘commitment form’ in front of her, stating that if Osanloo is released then you must guarantee that he does not engage in any activity, and that after his release he will leave the country with his family!
I do not understand what the meaning of these measures is; whether we leave the country or not has nothing to do with anyone …

HRANA: What’s your assessment of this incident?

PO: Frankly, I’m actuallyanswerable to my daughter-in-law’s family. They [the agents] are playing with the reputation of our family. Why should Mansour Osanloo’s daughter-in-law pay the penalty for her father-in-law’s activities? And a daughter-in-law who has only met Osanloo once. He has himself been in prison for three years and is paying the penalty for his activities. I mean that he has stood by all his [beliefs]. Why don’t they leave our family alone?
HRANA: What is Mr. Mansour Osanloo’s situation in prison?

PO: Mr Osanloo’s situation is as bad as ever. He has recently been transferred to … Rejaii Shahr prison, where some of the detainees of the events after the elections are held.
Physically he still has pain in his back and eye and, of course, his heart condition is still there. So far the medical examiner has issued a certificate about his heart condition three times and prohibited his stay in prison, with its bad environment. But unfortunately the authorities don’t pay any attention to this.
HRANA: Finally, do you have anything else you would like to add?
PO: There is a lot to say but nobody who listens to us. But I would like to know where in the world an innocent person and the family of a prisoner are persecuted in this way?
HRANA: Thank you for your time.
Translation: Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network

Seven union activists have been arrested in Kurdistan in recent days.

Organise and Fight
Organise and Fight

In a series of reports, the Coordinating Committee to Help Form Workers’ Organisation (CCHFWO) has released the names of seven labor activists who have been arrested in recent days.

On February 27, Fattah Soleimani, a labor activist who is a member of the CCHFWO, was arrested at his home in the Kurdish city of Oshnaviyeh by agents from the Ministry of Intelligence.

Four other members of the CCHFWO, Rahman Ebrahim Zadeh, Hossein Pirvati, Samad Ahmadpour and Rahman Tanha, were also arrested in Oshnaviyeh on February 27, along with another activist Isa Ebrahimzadeh.

On March 2,  labor activist Abbas Hashempour was arrested by agents from the Ministry of Intelligence in Oshnaviyeh.

Additionally, five other members of the committee have been summoned to criminal and revolutionary courts in Sanandaj.

In a statement posted on its website, the CCHFWO has condemns the arrest of its members and calls for the  unconditional release of all labor activists in Iran, including Mansour Osanloo the president of the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company.

Translation by: RAHANA | Persian2English.com


بازداشت شماری از فعالان کارگری در شهرهای ایران

شنبه , ۱۵ اسفند , ۱۳۸۸ @ ۹:۳۸ ب.ظ


کمیته هماهنگی برای کمک به ایجاد تشکل های کارگری اعلام کرده است که شماری از فعالان کارگری و اعضای این تشکل کارگری در شهرهای سنندج، نقده و اشنویه بازداشت، احضار و یا بازجویی شده‌اند.

رهانا: این تشکل کارگری در سایت خود شمار بازداشت‌شدگان را هفت نفر اعلام کرده است.

به گزارش رادیو فردا، صمد احمدپور، عباس هاشم‌پور، رحمان ابراهیم‌زاده، رحمان تنها، عیسی ابراهیم‌زاده، فتاح سلیمانی و حسین پیروتی در روزهای اخیر بازداشت شده‌اند.

این تشکل کارگری همچنین اعلام کرده است که فواد شبکی‌فرد، کاوه گل‌محمدی، آزاد منیرنیا و شعیب صابری احضار و یا بازپرسی شده‌اند.

کمیته هماهنگی برای کمک به ایجاد تشکل‌های کارگری در بیانیه‌ای با اشاره به اینکه فعالیت بازداشت‌شدگان، تلاش برای احقاق حق طبقه کارگر است، از مقام‌های امنیتی و قضایی پرسیده است که آیا انعکاس شرایط نامطلوب کار کارگران و حمایت از آنان جرم است.

فردین نگهدار، از اعضای این تشکل کارگری در تهران، در خصوص این بازداشت‌ها به رادیو فردا می‌گوید: «این بازداشت‌ها جدا از شرایط جامعه امروز ایران نیست. همزمان با فشار عجیبی که امروز از لحاظ اقتصادی بر طبقه کارگر ایران وارد می‌شود، فعالان کارگری در تلاش برای انعکاس این فشار و وضعیت زندگی کارگران هستند. اما این فعالان به خاطر همین تلاش خود تحت فشار قرار می‌گیرند و حتی بازداشت نیز می‌شوند.»

بازداشت و یا احضار فعالان کارگری تنها محدود به اعضای کمیته هماهنگی برای کمک به ایجاد تشکل‌های کارگری نبوده است.

بر اساس گزارش‌ها، غلامرضا خانی و همایون جابری، دو تن از اعضای سندیکای کارگران شرکت واحد اتوبوسرانی تهران و حومه، به دادگاه فراخوانده شده و به دلیل فعالیت‌های صنفی‌شان مورد محاکمه قرار گرفته‌اند.

صادق کارگر، فعال سندیکایی در نروژ، در گفت‌وگو با رادیو فردا بر این باور است که برخوردهای اخیر ناشی از اعتراض‌های کارگری و نیز استقبال کارگران مناطق گوناگون از تشکل‌های کارگری است.

او با اشاره به تشکیل شورای‌های موقت کارگری در ذوب آهن اصفهان می‌افزاید: «این اقدامات سرآغاز این موضوع است که کارگران در جهت سازماندهی خود پیش می‌روند و نقش بیشتری در تغییر و تحولات اجتماعی و اقتصادی در ایران و به سود خود ایفا کنند.»

برخوردهای امنیتی و قضایی با فعالان و تشکل‌های کارگری در ایران در دوره ریاست جمهوری محمود احمدی‌نژاد شدت گرفته است.

در بیش از چهار سال گذشته، ده‌ها فعال کارگر بازداشت و حتی شماری از آنان محکوم به تحمل شلاق شده‌اند.

این برخوردها با اعتراض گسترده سازمان‌های بین‌المللی کارگری و حقوق بشری مواجه شده است.

با این همه، همچنان شماری از فعالان کارگری مانند منصور اسانلو و ابراهیم مدیی، رئیس و نایب رئیس هیئت مدیره سندیکای شرکت واحد اتوبوسرانی تهران و حومه، علی نجاتی و چند تن دیگر از اعضای هیئت مدیره سندیکای کارگران شرکت نیشکر هفت تپه و محمد اشرفی، از اعضای کمیته هماهنگی برای کمک به ایجاد تشکل‌های کارگری، زندانی هستند.

Mansour Osanloo survives attempt on his life in prison

Free Osanloo NOW!
Free Osanloo NOW!

The head of the Bus Drivers Union, Mansour Osanloo was assaulted on Monday by an inmate in Karaj’s Rajai-Shahr Prison.

RAHANA – Mansour Osanloo was assaulted today in Rajai-Shahr prison by an inmate who is said to be a former IRGC member. The inmate who was the attacker had the support and encouragement of prison guards. This is not the first time the union leader is attacked by other prisoners.

According to HRDAI, Osanloo was attacked from behind by an inmate who attempted to stab him, while he was talking to 2 fellow inmates in the prison courtyard. Oslanloo was saved and taken away by his friends’ swift reaction.

The attack happened in front of a prison guard called Hasanpour, and another individual, Moradi, who is the head of inmates in ward 4. Prison guards at first did not react to the attack but disarmed the attacker after other political prisoners who were present at the scene protested the guards’ inaction. The attacker continued to charge Osanloo even after he was disarmed and threatened to kill him later. He is said to have a history of provoking fights in prison and is convicted of killing his wife.

Osanloo has just come out of a 1-week solitary confinement. He was arrested in July of 2009 and sentenced to 5 years in prison for anti national security activities. He was illegally transferred to Rajai-Shahr prison in September of 2009.

From Freedom Messenger.