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Walking for Workers in Iran – Donate Here! Donate Now!


On March 4th five members of the Hands Off the People of Iran Manchester branch will be walking the Bogle, a fifty five mile walk round Manchester. We are walking to raise money for the charity Workers Fund Iran, which was set up in December 2005 with the aim to reduce and relieve poverty amongst Iranian workers (both employed and unemployed) who are victims of the economic policies of the Iranian regime, including mass non-payment of wages. The charity is not aligned to any political organisation. Funds sent to Iran will be distributed amongst the most needy working class families who are facing destitution. We hope the funds will stop families sending their children to the streets as beggars or peddlers and selling their body parts, which is a common practice.

In Iran at the moment, hundreds of thousands of workers are being consigned to poverty by the oppressive Iranian state. Practical solidarity is one of the greatest things we can do for Iranian workers; it helps the revolutionary struggle against the Islamic Republic continue. Give generously!

We are hoping to raise over £300 pounds for the charity. You can donate by going to our Charity Choice page here.

Child M and family lose final legal appeal – Act NOW!

From Permanent Revolution

The situation is now desperate. We may have only 72 hours to save the family and prevent their deportation to Iran .

Child M and his family have thousands of supporters. Their plight has received wide spread media coverage.

What next?

The legal process has ended. The Home Secretary and Immigration Minister can still halt their deportation and give the family the right to remain in the UK .

The only chance for this family now is that the Home Secretary and Immigration Minister agree to discuss the case with the family’s constituency MP, Sir Gerald Kaufman.

We ask all supporters of Child M and his family and those sympathetic to their case to do two things;

Urgently contact Damian Green and Teresa May and state that the family cannot be safely returned to Iran . They face certain imprisonment and worse.

Contact your own MP and Councilors and ask them to do the same and to cantact Sir Gerald Kaufman to offer their support.

It’s not over yet. Together we can still save this family. Please do all you can.

For updates: http://www.childm.org.uk

Manchester solidarity demo against executions in Iran

On May 13th around 30 members of Hands Off the People of Iran along, Iranian students and exiles demonstrated in support of the general strike in Iranian Kurdistan and protest the executions of five political prisoners on May 9th in Evin prison. Those executed were school teacher and trade unionist Farzad Kamangar, Ali Haydarian, Farhad Vakili, Shirin Alam-Houli and Mehdi Eslamian. We rallied outside the University of Manchester Students’ Union and the BBC building spreading leaflets and literature on the situation. There were speeches by Iranian refugees who explained the situation in Iran the recent repressive measures in both English and Farsi.

Chris Strafford from HOPI’s national steering committee condemned the executions and the ongoing torture and incarceration of political prisoners within Iran, he also spoke about the negative impact of sanctions and that the key task for socialists in the UK is to oppose sanctions and military threats whilst building solidarity with the truly democratic movements. Afterwards he read out a letter by Farzad Kamangar sent to other prisoners titled ‘Be Strong Comrades’ you can see the videos here and here.

Hands Off the People of Iran demands:

* The immediate end to executions in Iran
* The unconditional and immediate release of all political prisoners
* An end to the sanctions regime and imperialist threats

Below are some pictures of the day:




Free All Political Prisoners in Iran – Manchester Vigil on December 17th



Vigil for all of those who have been arrested

A vigil and rally called by Iranian students and supporters at the University of Manchester to show solidarity with hundreds of students and other political prisoners in Iran. Bring placards, banners and more importantly your friends!


Thursday December 17 @ 4PM til 6PM

University of Manchester Students’ Union, Oxford Road


Manchester HOPI hopimanchester@googlemail.com – www.hopoi.org

No to war and sanctions! – No to the theocratic regime!

Do Not Deport Mehrshad Sadeghi to Iran!‏‏ He is 9 years old!

Child M is Mehrshad Sadeghi from Gorton, Manchester. He is a 9 Year Old boy.


Mehrshad is a happy and successful boy from a Manchester school. He has lived with his family in Manchester for the last two years. He has many friends.


Mehrshad and his family are seeking asylum. They face persecution and imprisonment in Iran. The family are in serious danger on their return to Iran, so they have lodged appeals to the UK Border Agency, The Court of Appeal and The High Court.


Child M and his family – Ahmed Sadeghi (brother) and Farah Ghaemi (mother) are booked on the BMI flight to Tehran – BD931 at 6.30 this evening.


We urge you not to let them on this flight – they are forcibly being removed from this country and are being deported illegally. They do not want to be returned to Iran. The adults in the family face serious danger and no one knows what will happen to Mehrshad. He cannot stop his deportation from this country.

You can.

Thousands of people across the United Kingdom have supported their right to stay here. Details of their case have been published in major newspapers today.


We have high profile supporters some of these include; Micheal Rosen

                                                                                                 Caroline Lucas MP

                                                                                                 English PEN

                                                                                                 Baroness Afshar

                                                                                                 Bill Greenshields NUT President


We will encourage all our supporters to boycott BMI flights in the future if you let this family board the flight.



Manchester HOPI: Punk benefit for Iranian Students


On Saturday the 24th of October around 80 people packed into a South Manchester house to enjoy punk, electronic and experimental acts perform in a basement at a fundraiser for Iranian political prisoners. The event was mainly attended by crust-punks, students and squatters who donated £100 to the cause.

Simon Morris of Ceramic Hobs, (long associated with Mad Pride) had this to say about Freedom and Equality Seeking Students in Iran – “It must be shit living in a country ruled by bigoted religious fucktards while the rest of world wants to bomb you. The Iran/Iraq underground music scene consists of some of the bravest artists the world has ever known.

The majority of the Ceramic Hobs are persons diagnosed as mentally ill – the most routinely prejudiced against group of individuals in Western society, who know no civil rights because the big pharmaceutical corporations bought laws ruling over any human rights legislation as far as we are concerned – so obviously we are happy to show solidarity with other oppressed groups worldwide.”

After the dust had settled the next day I was able to distribute some HOPI literature and discuss internationalism and revolutionary socialism with those who were still around. This was a great event and hopefully caused some people to be more aware of the repression of those who seek freedom in Iran as well as the communist response to capitalist imperialism.


Thanks to:
The Gash Collective – http://www.gashcollective.com/
The Autonomads – http://www.myspace.com/theautonomads
GNOD – http://www.myspace.com/127278241
Ding Fortuna and The Fantastic Wow (aka Ceramic Hobs) – http://www.myspace.com/theceramichobs
Flat Back Four – http://www.myspace.com/flatbackfour
3rd Eye Open – http://www.myspace.com/3rdeyeopenuk


By Mark Harrison

(Pics: Keir O’gorman)