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The Iranian opposition: fishing in muddy waters

Repression and exile have clouded the view of Iranian anti-government forces, writes Mohamad Moein in Tehran Throughout history governments have faced opposition to their rule and the current period is no exception. These days in Iran , the opponents of … Continue reading

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HOPI’s Yassamine Mather on the final statement of the Iran Tribunal

Speaking in Farsi for the Rahe Kargar website (Organisation of Revolutionary Workers of Iran)  

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Green road to nowhere


The sham presidential election of June 2009 has unleashed a rainbow of political forces, writes Yassamine Mather, including an increasingly strong red component. The task of the left is to support and strengthen the red component of this rainbow, the … Continue reading

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Show trials and apologetics


Just as Iranian ex-leftwingers in the west call for reconciliation between the two wings of the Islamic regime, the ruling faction clamps down on its rivals. Yassamine Mather reports The Stalinist show trial of Saturday August 1 – when a … Continue reading

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Out of step with the masses


With the crisis-ridden Islamic regime wracked by divisions, what is the state of Iran’s opposition? Yassamine Mather surveys the sorry scene Statements from some of the most senior clerics of Iran’s Islamic state has left little doubt that the Shia … Continue reading

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