Child M and family lose final legal appeal – Act NOW!

From Permanent Revolution

The situation is now desperate. We may have only 72 hours to save the family and prevent their deportation to Iran .

Child M and his family have thousands of supporters. Their plight has received wide spread media coverage.

What next?

The legal process has ended. The Home Secretary and Immigration Minister can still halt their deportation and give the family the right to remain in the UK .

The only chance for this family now is that the Home Secretary and Immigration Minister agree to discuss the case with the family’s constituency MP, Sir Gerald Kaufman.

We ask all supporters of Child M and his family and those sympathetic to their case to do two things;

Urgently contact Damian Green and Teresa May and state that the family cannot be safely returned to Iran . They face certain imprisonment and worse.

Contact your own MP and Councilors and ask them to do the same and to cantact Sir Gerald Kaufman to offer their support.

It’s not over yet. Together we can still save this family. Please do all you can.

For updates:

Do Not Deport Mehrshad Sadeghi to Iran!‏‏ He is 9 years old!

Child M is Mehrshad Sadeghi from Gorton, Manchester. He is a 9 Year Old boy.


Mehrshad is a happy and successful boy from a Manchester school. He has lived with his family in Manchester for the last two years. He has many friends.


Mehrshad and his family are seeking asylum. They face persecution and imprisonment in Iran. The family are in serious danger on their return to Iran, so they have lodged appeals to the UK Border Agency, The Court of Appeal and The High Court.


Child M and his family – Ahmed Sadeghi (brother) and Farah Ghaemi (mother) are booked on the BMI flight to Tehran – BD931 at 6.30 this evening.


We urge you not to let them on this flight – they are forcibly being removed from this country and are being deported illegally. They do not want to be returned to Iran. The adults in the family face serious danger and no one knows what will happen to Mehrshad. He cannot stop his deportation from this country.

You can.

Thousands of people across the United Kingdom have supported their right to stay here. Details of their case have been published in major newspapers today.


We have high profile supporters some of these include; Micheal Rosen

                                                                                                 Caroline Lucas MP

                                                                                                 English PEN

                                                                                                 Baroness Afshar

                                                                                                 Bill Greenshields NUT President


We will encourage all our supporters to boycott BMI flights in the future if you let this family board the flight.