Week of action, February 13-20 2010

Hands Off the People of Iran is launching a week of action in solidarity with the grassroots opposition movement in Iran, running from Saturday, February 13 to Saturday, February 20.

This will see fundraising events, protest actions and meetings. Comrades around the country are coming forward with ideas for activities that range from pickets and petitions, to benefit meals for a few comrades and friends. We want to mobilise every Hopi supporter to participate in the week, at whatever level their circumstances and time constraints allow. (And make sure you send us small reports and photos for our website!)

February is a key month in the Iranian political calendar. The Shah’s regime imploded in February 1979. Every year since, the government has initiated official state-backed marches and rallies to celebrate the revolution and to bolster the myth that its social and political dynamic was simply ‘Islamic’.

However this year, in the aftermath of the huge upsurges post the rigged presidential elections in June 2009, the regime will face stiff opposition. There will be counterdemonstrations organised by both the Green reformists such as the western media darling Mir-Hossein Moussavi and by more radical trends within the movement, forces that are subject to a media blackout.

In their different ways, both these reformists and the elements to their left will challenge the theocracy for the legacy of 1979. This difference is vital, however. The likes of Moussavi charge that the regime has lost its way and deserted the ‘true’ Islamic nature of the revolution. For the left, 1979 could have had a very different outcome. That is, a victory for the forces of popular democracy from below and fundamental social change.

Iran is in turmoil and the opposition is utilising every opportunity to protest and organise. These counterdemonstrations will also commemorate the 40th day since the death of the leading reformist cleric Ayatollah Montazeri and also the murder of protesters in the Ashura demonstration in late December.

This poses important tasks to the anti-war and solidarity movement in this country and beyond.

First and foremost, we have to dramatically step our work against any imperialist intervention against Iran. Military action would be a disaster for the burgeoning movement. It would disrupt and disperse the masses just at a time when we are beginning to see the potential for a new Iran, shaped by the democratic and militant action of millions of ‘ordinary’ Iranians themselves.

Sanctions – the so-called ‘soft’ option – have the same demobilising effect, if anything in a more insidiously poisonous way. When working people have to spend their time individually begging, bartering or borrowing their way round shortages of basic foodstuffs and amenities, their ability to collectively impose a progressive agenda on society as a whole suffers.

So, we have to see off the threats of imperialism. We have to give the ‘red’ strands within the Green movement in Iran the space to survive and thrive. In contrast to some mistaken comrades in the anti-war movement, Hopi knows that the real Iranian anti-imperialists are amongst the millions of protesters on the streets, not in the corrupt and deeply compromised echelons of the clerical bureaucracy.

In addition to our anti-war work, we must also supply these comrades with the oxygen of publicity.

The bulk of the mainstream English or Persian’s media reporting of the upsurge since June 2009 has implied that the ‘Green movement is a homogeneous bloc, where the masses are little more than ‘walk-on/walk-off’ bit-part players in a drama directed by Moussavi and the reformists.

In truth, these ‘leaders’ have struggled to keep up with the movement. Actions and slogans on the ground have gone far beyond even the maximum demands of the reformists.  Since at least September ’09, important elements amongst workers, students, women and youth have called for the overthrow of the entire regime. While the Green leaders repeated assert their loyalty to the existing order, militant slogans from the movement they purport to lead demand the overthrow of the supreme religious leader, Khamenei and the entire apparatus of Islamicist rule and oppression.

None of this finds reflection in the mainstream media. The BBC and the western news outlets are the propaganda wing of the imperialist campaign. Sanctions and the threat of military strikes serve the purpose of undermining the Ahmadinejad-led regime and preparing a ‘colour revolution’ a la Georgia or the Ukraine, headed by the likes of Moussavi. The BBC’s selective silence about the evolving politics of the real movement beneath this ‘hero’ makes it the propaganda arm of that reactionary campaign.

We will target the BBC for protest during the week of action. Details of protests and activities are being finalised as this bulletin goes out. We will keep comrades posted, but check regularly on our website for updates.

Events are planned in:

London: Call 07792282830 or email ben@hopoi.info
Call 07525437155 or email jazz_tedford@yahoo.com
Anne@hopoi.info, 086 23 43 238
hopimanchester@googlemail.com, 07883924372

سمینار کارزار دستها از مردم ایران کوتاهDay School

انقلاب ایران ، مبارزه با  امپریالیسم مبارزه با  سرکوب جمهوری اسلامی

۱۳ فوریه ۲۰۱۰ ،ساعت ۱ بعد از ظهر,

University of Manchester Students’ Union, Meeting Room 1.
۱:امپریالیسم و ایران،با سخنرانان از دانشگاه گلاسکو و کارزار دستها از مردم ایران کوتاه
۲ :انقلاب ۱۹۷۹ ایران و امروز،با سخنرانان ازحزب  سبز و
جشن و پذیرائی، ساعت
۶ بعد از ظهر
Whitworth Arms, 508 Moss Lane East, Rusholme, Manchester, M14 4PA.

شایان ذکر است که جهت جمع آوری کمک به مردمی که در ایران در ستیز هستند و همچنین ،غذا و نوشیدنی نیز موجود میباشد.
**لطفا از آوردن هر گونه دوربین عکاسی و فیلمبرداری خودداری فرمائید.**
برای اطلاعات بیشتر و یا کمک برای برگزاری هر چه بهتر مراسم،لطفا به این آدرس ایمیل بزنید و یا با کریس تماس بگیرید
:کارزار دستها از مردم ایران کوتاه & دانشجویان ایرانی واتحادیه دانشجویان دانشگاه منچستر

Fighting Imperialism and Fighting Repression Day School

Saturday February 13 @ 1pm
University of Manchester Students’ Union Meeting Room 1

Meeting 1: Imperialism and Iran
With speakers from Glasgow University and HOPI

Meeting 2: The Iranian Revolution 1979 and Today
With speakers from HOPI and the Green Party

Starts at 6pm

Whitworth Arms
508 Moss Lane East, Rusholme, Manchester, M14 4PA

There will be drinks and food all night to help raise money for those in struggle.

**No Cameras will be permitted at this event**

If you want to help out or find out more please email hopimanchester@googlemail.com or call Chris on 07883924372

Organised by Hands Off the People of Iran & Iranian Students and University of Manchester


– January 28, 7.30pm, Boole 3, Main Campus, University College Cork, College Road:
“Siahkal 1971 – Tehran 2010 the history of the new left in Iran”.
Hosted by University College Cork Historical Society
Yassamine Mather, Iranian political activist and writer will trace the emergence of a movement of extraordinary significance in the struggle for democracy in Iran today.

– February 9
Hopi discussion and organising meeting Solidarity Books, Douglas Street, Cork
Come along and help to plan our week of action.


Audio File: Iran – a society in revolt

This was recorded at a meeting hosted by Hands Off the People of Iran in London on July 4. The speakers are John McDonnell MP and Yassamine Mather (chair, Hopi)

Download here

Videos from the Hopi Emergency Solidarity Meeting on June 20

Here are the videos of yesterday’s solidarity meeting, which was attended by over 40 people and raised 230 pounds for our comrades struggling in Iran. The Speakers were Yassamine Mather and Moshe Machover with the Green Party’s Jim Jepps in the Chair. To find out more about upcoming HOPI meetings, or to request a speaker for your organisation, campaign or union – please get in touch with us at office@hopoi.info or on 07590429226.

Yassamine Mather opened up proceedings:


Continue reading Videos from the Hopi Emergency Solidarity Meeting on June 20

Videos from HOPI weekend school June 14-15

John McDonnell- the anti-war movement and challenges faced by HOPI

Bill Bowring and Mike Macnair- War, human rights, and humanitarian interventions

David Mather and Amir Javaheri Langaroudi – The working class

Torab Saleth – The 1979 Revolution and its aftermath

Moshe Machover – Iran, Israel, and nuclear weapons

Christine Cooper – The effects of sanctions on Iran

Rahim Bandoui – National minorities in Iran

Azar Majedi – Can imperialism liberate women?

Iran and the threat of war- Torab Saleth

Part one

Torab Saleth looks at the nature of the Iranian regime and its relationship with the United States. He describes the history of the conflict and goes behind the current media speculation to explain what is really going on in the Middle East.

Continue reading Iran and the threat of war- Torab Saleth

Videos from launch conference

Hopi launch conference – videos

Yassamine Mather
welcomes participants
to the conference

Torab Saleth (Workers
Left Unity Iran) leads a
commemoration for the
Iranian victims of imperialism
and the theocratic regime

Mark Fischer (Communist
Party of Great Britain) explains
why democrats and socialists

must fight on two fronts

Does Iran have the right to
have nucelar weapons?
Israeli socialist Moshe Machover

David Mather (Hopi
Glasgow) talks about
‘workers’ struggles in Iran’

Mike Macnair (Communist
Party of Great Britain)
discusses imperialism’s
interest in the Middle East

Andrew Coates (TGWU/ Unite  the Union, Ipswich) speaks in  the general debate

Mike Martin (Hopi Sheffield)
speaks in the general debate

Kath McMahon (Hopi Edinburgh)
speaks in the general debate

Stuart King (Permanent
Revolution) speaks in the
general debate

Steven Monaghan (Hopi North
West) speaks in the general debate

Anne Mac Shane (Hopi Ireland)
speaks in the general debate

Tami Peterson (Labour
Representation  Committe and  Labour Briefing) speaks in the
general debate

Charlie Pottins (Jewish
Socialists  Group) speaks
in the general debate

Tony Greenstein (Brighton
Unemployed Centre) speaks
in the general debate

Stuart King argues that the
founding statement of
Hands Off the People of
Iran should not contain
opposition  to nuclear weapons. Israeli socialist Moshe
Machover disagrees.

Ben Lewis (Communist Students)
urges the founding conference of Hands Off the People of Iran to support the students’ protests in Iran.

Nick Jones (Communist Students)
moves a motion on the ban of Hands Off the People of Iran to affiliate to the Stop the War Coalition.

Mark Fischer (Communist
Party of Great Britain) defends amendment to the founding
statement of Hands Off the
People of Iran that declares
‘Imperialism is the main enemy‘.