Yassamine Mather and Paul Mason on “Beneath The Surface” with Suzi Weissman

ymatherYassamine Mather (chair, HOPI) spoke on the roots of Islamist fundamentalism and the myth that the Paris attacks were caused by outrage from the provocations of an irreverent magazine. Continue reading Yassamine Mather and Paul Mason on “Beneath The Surface” with Suzi Weissman

Pargar: debate about Thomas Piketty’s Book

BBC Persian

هشتاد و پنج نفر از ثروتمندترین افراد روی زمین، مجموعا یک تریلیون دلار ثروت دارند، معادل ثروت سه و نیم میلیارد نفر از جمعیت فقیر دنیا. آیا چهره ی سرمایه داری …

Review of the year 2014 – BBC Persian Service

Yassamine Mather’s contribution to BBC Persian Service Review of the year: Iran nuclear negotiations, Afghanistan, The Islamic State and the Middle East, Ukraine

در این برنامه ویژه نگاهی می کنیم به چهار رویداد مهم در عرصه جهانی و منطقه ای، مذاکرات هسته ای ایران و غرب، دولت جدید افغانستان و تحولات آینده این کشود، بر آم…

Iran UK relations

William Hague has said plans to re-open the British Embassy in Tehran are an “important step forward” in relations with Iran. HOPI chair Yassamine Mather spoke to Mark Fischer on today’s developments


HOPI’s Yassamine Mather on BBC Persian Service

The United States is about to release the frozen cash in some Iranians’ bank accounts, saying Tehran has kept to the interim deal over its nuclear programme. Yassamine Mather was invited to discuss the deal on the BBC Persian Service. Note, the clip is in Farsi throughout!