The Iran Deal Would Mean an End to “Regime Change From Above”

Stanley Heller interviews  Yassamine Mather, Iranian exile, about the Iranian-US nuclear deal. 8/9/2015 : what the U.S. government was trying to do, the false hope that Iran after an “Islamic Revolution” would be free from imperial pressure, the frequent use of the death penalty in Iran and what the Iranian regime is doing in Syria. 


Videos from HOPI day school 30-5-2015

Yassamine Mather: The current situation in the Middle East – Iraq, Syria, Yemen, IS, Iran

Mike Macnair: US strategy in the region, inconsistencies and chaos. A sign of the decline or a deliberate policy?

Responding to the Debate

Moshe Machover : Israel’s future in the Middle East in view of changing US-Iran relations .

Responding to the debate:

پرگار: آینده دمکراسی BBC Persian

آیا جوامع دمکراتیک دچار بحران دمکراسی نشده اند؟ به این معنا که کیفیت شاخص های دمکراسی در آنها افول نکرده است؟ ولی چرا این موضوع برای کسانی که در جوامع غیردمکراتیک زندگی می کنند باید مهم باشد؟