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Death of a radical intellectual: Fariborz Raisdana

Yassamine Mather Professor Fariborz Raisdana, who died on March 16 in a Tehran hospital, was a leftwing economist, political activist and author, who lived and worked in Iran. According to relatives, his hospital admission was as a result of showing … Continue reading

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Iran , Trump’s threats and protests

They say a week is a long time in politics, but in the case of Iran sometimes one day is a very long time. Over the past few weeks there have been mass protests, the threat of war and then … Continue reading

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A godsend for the regime

Yassamine Mather assesses the situation in the Middle East following the US assassination of Qassem Soleimani and Iran’s missile revenge gesture This week has been a godsend for leaders of the Islamic Republic. First, the drone strike that killed Qassem … Continue reading

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Nice British bobby

Yassamine Mather compares Radio Farda’s reporting of Iran with its touching depiction of Britain. Recent protests against the withdrawal of state subsidies for fuel have seen 200, maybe 300, people killed – mostly, as far as I can tell, by … Continue reading

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Hands Off the People of Iran has consistently identified the workers of Iran as the solid anti-imperialist force in that country, a force that has shown resilience in opoposition to the religious state . This is the section of Iranian … Continue reading

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No to unprincipled alliances

Iranian workers should be careful about who they associate with, writes Yassamine Mather In the aftermath of the protests of late December and early January, there is a consensus that the majority of Iranians face a dire economic situation, while … Continue reading

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نه به اتحادهای غیراصولی

یاسمین میظر- برگردان: ماهان نوری در پی اعتراضات دی ماه، اتفاق نظر عموم بر این بود که اکثریت ایرانیان با وضعیت اقتصادی وخیمی مواجه­اند، در عین حال که پایین­ترین لایه­های طبقه کارگر با گرسنگی و فقر کامل دست به گریبان­اند. … Continue reading

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Protests by impoverished, hungry Iranians

There has been a considerable amount of fake news about the demonstrations that started in Mashad and other towns in Khorassan province on the 28th of December 2017. These demonstrations have continued, five days later in Tehran, as well as in … Continue reading

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Drumbeats of war

  Beirut is now the focus of the burgeoning Saudi-Iranian rivalry The political saga involving Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Iran continues to make headlines and we are nowhere near a resolution of the situation. In the meantime, the war in … Continue reading

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Redrawing the map: why is Trump abandoning the nuclear deal?

War will follow war In a single speech on October 13, lasting just a few minutes, Donald Trump managed to succeed in doing what had seemed impossible for decades – uniting the Iranian government and the almost all the opposition … Continue reading

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