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Making matters worse


Official reaction to the atrocities in France demonstrates once again that imperialism has no answers, writes Yassamine Mather in the 19th November issue of the Weekly Worker:

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BBC Persian TV debate on Russian involvement in Syria

Featuring HOPI’s Yassamine Mather (in Farsi).

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Useful articles on the Kurdish question

Two articles from the 15th October issue of the Weekly Worker: Fruits of intervention Yassamine Mather surveys the mess that imperialism has created Their Kurdistan and ours Dariush Zand, communist medic

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John McDonnell: honorary president of HOPI now shadow chancellor

Hands Off the People of Iran congratulates Labour’s John McDonnell on his appointment as shadow chancellor. The MP for Hayes and Harlington was a founding member of HOPI and is honorary president of the organisation. He has consistently opposed imperialist intervention in Iran and … Continue reading

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Livestream of tomorrow’s HOPI dayschool

While no substitute for being in the room and taking part in the day’s proceedings, a live stream of the HOPI dayschool tomorrow, Saturday 25th, will be accessible online. This is an experiment for HOPI which we hope will be … Continue reading

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eBay auction for HOPI

Between imperialism and a hard place

A number of members and supporters of the campaign have donated clothes and other items to be sold in aid of HOPI. Amongst the donors are an acclaimed Iranian designer who has given many brand new designer clothes. Plus we … Continue reading

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Sexism: Macho culture and the lessons we can learn from the Middle East


On Wednesday January 9 three members of the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK), including Sakine Cansız, a founding member of the organisation, were murdered in Paris. There are many theories about who was behind the execution-style killings and most of them … Continue reading

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A Fistful of Tomans


Kevan Harris in the London Review of Books: A Tehran restaurant owner recently told me the advice he’d been giving his friends for the last year: ‘Sell your car. Buy dollars.’ Sound counsel, I thought. Exchanging Iranian rials for dollars … Continue reading

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HOPI: We stand by our principles


Hands Off the People of Iran has been accused by some forces in the orbit of the Iran Tribunal of abandoning its central political slogans and effectively becoming an apologist for the Tehran regime. Hopi categorically rejects these accusations. Our … Continue reading

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HOPI’s Yassamine Mather on the final statement of the Iran Tribunal

Speaking in Farsi for the Rahe Kargar website (Organisation of Revolutionary Workers of Iran)  

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