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Trade Unionist Reza Shahabi on Hunger Strike

Board member of the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company Reza Shahabi began a hunger strike on Tuesday 22 November. Shahabi is a leading trade unionist and a symbol of working class resistance to the theocratic regime and begun his strike in protest to the 18 months of imprisonment and legal limbo. Shahabi has been in prison since 12 June 2011 and has been subject to the regime’s tormenters in the notorious Evin Prison. Already Shahabi is suffering with from heart and kidney problems, severe kneck pain and it is possible he may lose control over his left and arm and leg because of the extreme pressure applied to his spine.

Hands Off the People of Iran calls for the release of all political prisoners from the torture houses of the theocratic regime.


Strike by Bandar Imam Petrochemical workers enters its seventh day

On Saturday October 1, the Bandar Imam Petrochemical workers’ strike entered its seventh day. As on previous days, the workers of the Bandar Imam Petrochemical plant gathered in Mosharaf Square to protest in front of the head office of the petrochemical company.

At various times during the day they marched and shouted slogans in the square. On Saturday, in addition to chanting slogans like “Signing direct contracts is our absolute right” and “Benefits, benefits, are our absolute right” from previous days, they had new slogans including “Management threats no longer work”, “We won’t stop until we get a result” and so on.

According to a report by the Free Trade Union of Iranian Workers (FTUIW), at 2:30pm the plant’s security personnel called two of the workers’ representatives, Mansour Abbasi and Mohammad Bagheri, to their office. When the workers heard about this they immediately went to the main door of the security office to defend their workmates. They chanted “Security, security, let the guys go”, and said that they would not leave until their representatives had been freed. But at 3:30pm they noticed that their representatives were being transferred to the Intelligence Ministry.

In a meeting with the managers of the big sub-contracts the general manager of the petrochemical plant, Mr Zarifkar, said: if the workers clock in tomorrow [Sunday] then they can go to work; otherwise they will be prevented from clocking in. Also according to the decision of the petrochemical plant, from Monday the coaches transporting workers should not stop in front of the plant so that the workers would be unable to get to work.

According to another report that reached FTUIW, from Monday the workers will step up their protest to free their representatives and will resolutely continue with their strike and protest until they can sign direct contracts with the employer, the sub-contracting companies have been chucked out. They also said that they will not surrender to any threats or pressure.

There are 6,500 workers on strike at Bandar Imam Petrochemical plant in Bandar Imam Khomeini (Imam Khomeini port) in Khuzestan province, southern Iran.

According to the latest reports three of the Bandar Imam Petrochemical workers have been arrested he plant’s security personnel and taken to the Intelligence Ministry.

They are:
1- Mansur Abbassi, a worker employed by the Kharazmi sub-contracting company.
2- Mohammad Bagheri, a worker employed by the Sanayeh Fars (Fars Industry) sub-contracting company.
3- Jasem Badrani, a worker employed by the Kharazmi sub-contracting company.

Source: Free Trade Union of Iranian Workers (30 September 2011).

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network
6 October 2011

Strike by Thousands of Workers in Mahshahr Petrochemical Complex

Workers of Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex in Mahshahr have been on strike since Sunday 25th september 2011 . According to reports from Iran , workers from Arvand, Amirkabir, and Tondguyan Petrochemical plants  have joined this strike, making this the first nationwide strike by ‘oil’ worlers since 1980.

According to reports from Iran , 6000 workers employed in separate shifts are now participating in Mahshahr protest, gathering every day in front of the compnay’s headquarters chanting their demands.

The main demand of the petrochemical workers in Mahshahr’s Special Economic Zone is an end to ‘contract employmnet’. Contractors impose inhumane conditions on workers in this sector.

Yassamine Mather on Rahe Kargar Radio (Farsi)

Yassamine Mather, HOPI


مجله بین المللی رادیو راه کارگر
بحران امپراطوری مردوخ ساختار مافیائی نظام رسانه ای حاکم بر جهان سرمایه داری در مرکز توجه افکار عمومی مردم انگلستان، آمریکا و … بسیاری نقاط جهان قرار داده است … مردم مصر که از برآورده نشدن مطالباتشان توسط نظامیان حاکم سرخورده شده اند بار دیگر برای جامه عمل پوشاندن به درخواست ها و مطالبات اساسی شان به میدان آمده اند… 

مجله بین المللی رادیو راه کارگر


مجله رادیویی بین المللی!


مجله بین المللی رادیو راه کارگر


مجله بین المللی رادیو راه کارگر
فعالین دستها از مردم ایران کوتاه قطعنامه ای به کنفراس اتحادیه خدمات انگلیس درباره جنبش کارگری ایران ارائه داده اند، این اتحادیه کارگران و پرسنل بخش خدمات عمومی و خصوصی انگلیس را در صفوف خود متحد کرده است. مفاد قطعنامه ارائه شده دفاع از جنبش کارگری، محکوم کردن دستگیری ها و بویژه طرح آزادی فعالین در بند جنبش کارگری می باشد…. در ادامه این برنامه تحلیل یاسمین میظر را درباره جنبش ضدحکومتی در سوریه و نقش جمهوری اسلامی در همیاری برای سرکوب خیزش مردم سوریه را خواهید شنید!

Sponsor Workers Fund Iran supporters running in the Berlin Marathon!

Supporters of Workers Fund Iran will be pounding the streets in the Berlin marathon on September 25th . They will be getting their running shoes on to raise sponsorship money for the important and unique work of this charity – can you support them?

Workers Fund Iran (WFI) was founded in December 2005 inspired by suggestions from veteran Iranian labour activist Albert Sohrabian (1927-2004). WFI aims to reduce and relieve poverty amongst Iranian workers (both employed and unemployed). This results from both the economic policies of the Iranian regime and the sanctions imposed by other countries. The charity puts at the centre of its activities the drive to rebuild international working class solidarity, directly with the workers of Iran. The charity is an independent organisation. Funds sent to Iran will be distributed amongst the most needy working class families who are facing destitution, regardless of political affiliation. We hope the funds will stop families sending their children to the streets as beggars or peddlers and selling their body parts, which is a common practice.

You can sponsor us on line using Charity Choice’s website

So far runners from England, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden and USA will participate to raise funds for this cause. You can show your support by wearing Workers Fund Iran T-shirt and walking with us. If you would like to run the half marathon or the marathon with us and support our cause please send us an email

طرفداران صندوق کارگری ایران در ماراتون    =============== را به لرزه در میاورندآنها کفش های دو به پا میکنند تا برای اهداف بزرگ این موسسۀ خیریه پول جمع آوری کنند – آیا شما میتوانید از آنها حمایت کنید؟
صندوق کارگری ایران، با الهام از پیشنهادات کارگرباسابقۀ ایرانی آلبرت سهرابیان (2004-1927) بنیان گذاشته شدصندوق کارگری ایران بر آنست که فقر را در میان کارگران ایران کاهش و نهایتا از بین ببرد شاغل و غیر شاغل )، فقری که نتیجۀ سیاستهای اقتصادی دولت ایران و محاصرۀ اقتصادی توسط دولتهای دیگر استاین موسسۀ خیریه، طبقۀ کارگر ایران را بمثابه مرکزفعالیت و نیروی محرکه برای بازسازی همبستگی طبقۀ کارگرجهان قرار داده استصندوق کارگری ایران موسسه ای است مستقلوجوه ارسالی به ایران بدون توجه به وابستگی سیاسی کارگران در میان خانوداه های کارگری که در معرض فقر قرار دارند توزیع میشودما امیدواریم که صندوق کارگری بتواند مانع از تکدی کودکان در خیابان ها،اعتیاد آنها به مواد مخدر و یا فروش اعضاء بدن این کودکان شود، چیزی که هم اکنون در جریان است.
شما میتوانید از طریق اینترنت و سایت زیر ما را حمایت کنید
تا بحال دوندگانی از انگلستان، آمریکا، فرانسه، آلمان، ایتالیا و سوئد برای جمع آوری پول آمادۀ همکاری شده اندشما میتوانید با پوشیدن زیرپوش صندوق کارگری و راهپیمائی با ما در هامبورگ حمایت خودتان را نشان دهیدچنانچه مایلید ماراتون یا نیمه ماراتون را با ما بدوید و حمایت خود را از اهداف صندوق کارگری نشان دهید لطفا با ایمیل زیر تماس بگیرید
همبسته باد اتحاد کارگران ایران
در ماراتون هامبورگ 22 ماه مه 2011 با ما باشید
صندوق کارگری ایران


Student Ali Ajami on hunger strike

Ali Ajami, a 23 year old student activist has been on hunger strike for 6 days now along with 5 other political prisoners in Raja’i Shahr prison in Karaj. He was arrested in February 2010 at his parents village near Sabzevar. During his arrest the regimes thugs violently attacked his family. After spending months in solitary confinement in Evin prison he was sentenced to four years in prison, later reduced to two years of prison in exile. He was moved to Raja’i Shar prison and hasn’t seen his family in 7 months.

The hunger strike started after Ali was attacked by the guards in the hospital of the prison and was very badly injured. The hunger strikes in Raja’i Shahr are also in solidarity with those on strike in Evin prison.


Eighteen political prisoners on hunger strike in Iran

Persian2English – June 25

18 political prisoners in Evin and Rajai Shahr prisons have raised serious concern after launching hunger strikes.

12 of the political prisoners, who are held in Evin, began an indefinite hunger strike six days ago in protest to the deaths of two activists, Haleh Sahabi and Hoda Saber. Their names are: Emad Bahavar, Ghorban Behzadian Nejad, Bahman Ahmadi Amouie, Abdollah Momeni, Hassan Asadi Zeidabadi, Amir Khosrow Dalirsani, Abolfazl Ghadyani, Feizollah Arabsorkhi, Mohammad Reza Moghiseh, Mohammad Davari, Mohsen Aminzadeh, and Mehdi Eghbal.

According to reports, Abdollah Momeni and Abolfazl Ghadyani had been transferred to the prison’s clinic.


* Haleh Sahabi was a temporarily-released political prisoner murdered on June 1st at her father’s funeral after a raid by security forces. Her body was buried beside her father at night under heavy security presence.

**Hoda Saber, another political prisoner went on hunger strike in prison to protest Sahabi’s death. On June 12th, ten days into his hunger strike, he died from an alleged massive heart attack. According to follow-up reports, prison authorities delayed his transfer to hospital. There are also reports that he was badly beaten while he was on the hunger strike.

The Iranian authorities have not named, arrested, or charged any persons responsible for the deaths of Haleh Sahabi and Hoda Saber.

Executions and repression intensify in Iran

With the continued threat of war, the sanctions siege and the dual political and economic crisis within Iran the repression of opposition forces is continuing and intensifying.

On Tuesday May 17 two brothers, Mohammad (27) and Abdollah (29) Fathi, were executed by the Islamic Republic. After being torture they were sentenced for being involved with anti-revolutionary groups, armed robbery and Mohareb (waging war against god). Their father, Bijan Fathi, said that their confessions were “obtained under severe torture” and they were “deprived of all their basic lawful rights”.

Below is the video of their funeral:

Left-wing student and activist Mohammad Pourabdollah who has been in prison since February 12 2009 has been moved to the infamous Ghezal Hesar prison in Karaj a city to the west of Tehran. It is a prison known for its barbaric treatment of prisoners and the housing of violent thugs and rapists. He has been charged with propoghanda against the state and being a threat to national security. Pourabdollah was initially sentenced to six years but was reduced to three years on appeal. He has spent months in solitary confinement enduring methodical physical and mental torture.

He was moved along with ten other political prisoners to a prison where in March up to 150 prisoners were injured and a minimum of 14 killed when prison guards attacked prisoners. This is a common move by the theocratic regime that puts political prisoners and those on false charges in the wings and prisons of often violent prisoners.

On the same day of Pourabdollah’s arrest comrade Alireza Davoudi was taken from his home into secret detention. He would never be released alive. The Ayatollah’s thugs murdered comrade Davoudi on July 29 2009 by torturing him to death.

These moves come at a time when the regime is stepping up the murder and brutalisation of political prisoners. Habib Latifi, another left-wing student, is at risk of execution after his death sentence was upheld by Iran’s supreme court. The comrade was arrested in October 2007 during a massive crack down against left-wing students. He is accused of conspiracy against national security and insurgence. A massive campaign was launched to stop the execution which was originally scheduled for December 26 2010. This campaign has been reignited with hundreds of people in the Kurdish city of Sanandaj have signed a letter asking Ali Khamenei to pardon Latifi.

Hands Off the People of Iran is for the release of all political prisoners and an end to executions. Mass action in Iran backed up by grass roots international solidarity is desperately needed to push back the repression and end executions. There can be no liberation from the imperialist forces whose sanctions are causing unemployment and poverty on a massive scale. We are opposed to all sanctions and any military action directed against Iran.

Iran Workers Bulletin

Supporters of Hands of the People of Iran have produced a bulletin on working class struggle in Iran for trade unionists and anti-war activists. We will be giving out hundreds of copies at demonstrations, meetings and conferences over the coming months, starting with the PCS Conference beginning on May 18. If you would like copies for your trade union branch or would like to help distribute the bulletin please email office[at]

Click the links below to view the bulletin:

Bulletin Front

Bulletin Back

Iran continues clamp down on student activists

Iranian authorities are continuing to clamp down on student activists by restricting their activities and throwing more activists in jail.

As student organizations are faced with severe limitations on their activities, close to 70 student activists are currently in Islamic Republic prisons on various security and political charges.

Ashkan Zahabian, a student at Fardowsi University in Mashhad and a member of Takim-e Vahadat, Iran’s largest student organization, was arrested yesterday for the third time since the controversial re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which triggered widespread protests across Iran in 2009.

In Tehran, officials seeking to arrest activist and Amir Kabir university student Pedram Rafati have raided the home of his parents over the past two days.

Rafati was arrested by the Revolutionary Guards in June 2009 and sentenced to two years in prison.

Daneshjoo News also reports that new charges have been brought against Bahraeh Hedayat, Mehdieh Golrou and Majid Tavakoli, three prominent student activists who are already serving harsh sentences in Evin Prison.

They were reportedly taken to court from prison and sentenced to an extra six months in jail.

The new charges stemmed from the announcements they issued to student activists marking National Student Day in Iran.

… Payvand News – 05/04/11 … —