Original Supporters – 2007

Arts, Culture and Law
Trade Unions and Trade unionists


Jill Evans MEP – Plaid Cymru, Wales
Tony Benn – Labour Party
Jens Holm MP – Left Party (Vänsterpartiet), Sweden
Stephen Hughes MEP – Labour, NE England
Caroline Lucas MEP – Green Party, SE England
Diane Abbott MP – Labour
John McDonnell MP – Labour
Adam Price MP – Plaid Cymru
Linda Riordan MP – Labour
Sue Bradford MP – Green Party, House of Representatives, Aotearoa New Zealand
Senator David Norris – Seanad Éireann
Tony Gregory TD – Dáil Éireann
Aengus Ó Snodaigh TD – Dáil Éireann
Rune Lund MF – Red-Green Alliance, Folketinget (Denmark)
John Dallat MLA – SDLP, deputy speaker, NI Assembly
Daithí McKay MLA – Sinn Féin
Robin Harper MSP – co-convener, Scottish Green Party
Patrick Harvie MSP – Scottish Green Party
Elaine Smith MSP – Labour
Sandra White MSP – Scottish National Party
Dr Bill Wilson MSP – Scottish National Party
Jennette Arnold AM – Labour, London Assembly
Helen Mary Jones AM – Plaid Cymru
Jenny Jones AM – Green Party, London Assembly
Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM – Plaid Cymru
Leanne Wood AM – Plaid Cymru
Tommy Sheridan – Solidarity
Peter Tatchell – Green Party candidate for Oxford East
Dr John Barry – co-chair, Green Party in Northern Ireland
Tim Morris MHA – Green, Member of Tasmanian Parliament
Dr Derek Wall – male principal speaker, Green Party
Chris Ballance
– former Green MSP
Matyas Benyik – President, ATTAC Hungary
Dr Judith Brown – Director, Arab Media Watch
Gerry Byrne – vice-chair, Campaign for a New Workers Party
Jack Conrad – writer and activist
Chris Haine – Green Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Sedgefield
Craig Murray – former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan
Patrick Nulty – Chair, Labour Youth (Ireland)
Bill Potts – president, Humanist Association of Greater Sacramento, USA
Dr Ambalavaner Sivanandan – Director, Institute of Race Relations
Ali Syed – chair, Bearsden & Milngavie Labour Party
Dave Wetzel – president, Labour Land Campaign (pc)
Enoch Yisrael – New Jewel Movement
Cllr Jon Barry – Green Party, Lancaster
Cllr Lutfa Begum – Independent, Tower Hamlets
Cllr Charlie Bolton – Green Party, Bristol
Cllr Philip Booth – Green Party leader, Stroud District
Cllr Steve Burgess – Scottish Green Party, Edinburgh
Cllr Vincent Crosby – Labour, Sedgefield
Cllr Ray Davies – Labour, Caerphilly; vice-chair, CND Cymru
Cllr Chris Flood – Socialist Party, Lewisham
Cllr Maurice Frankland – Labour, Stockton-on-Tees
Cllr Jackie Grunsell – Save Huddersfield NHS, Kirklees
Cllr David Harrington – Independent, Stockton-on-Tees
Cllr Meirion Hughes – Plaid Cymru, Conwy
Cllr Alison Johnstone – Scottish Green Party, Edinburgh
Cllr Mike Keogh – Green Party, Lewisham
Cllr Rania Khan – Independent, Tower Hamlets
Cllr Sue Luxton – Green Party, Lewisham
Cllr Fozol Miah – Respect, Tower Hamlets
Cllr Richard Mallender – Green Party, Rushcliffe; chair, Green Party of England & Wales
Cllr Colin Mann – Plaid Cymru, Caerphilly
Cllr Susan Murray – Green Party, Lewes
Cllr Romayne Phoenix – Green Party, Lewisham
Cllr Darren Price – Plaid Cymru group leader, Swansea
Cllr Allan Pritchard – Plaid Cymru group deputy leader, Caerphilly
Cllr Oliur Rahman – Respect, Tower Hamlets
Cllr Gurm Sekhon – Green Party, Yarra, Melbourne
Cllr Alan Speake – Plaid Cymru, Carmarthenshire
Mohamad Reza Shalgouni- Rahe kargar
Cllr Dave Taylor – Green Party, York
Cllr Rebecca Thackray – Green Party, Lambeth
Cllr Gwyneth Thomas – Plaid Cymru, Carmarthenshire
Cllr Morgwn Trolinger – Green Party, Lancaster
Cllr Martha Wardrop – Scottish Green Party, Glasgow
Cllr John Whitelegg – Green Party, Lancaster
Cllr Martin Whiteside – Green Party, Stroud District
Cllr Lindsay Whittle – Plaid Cymru, Caerphilly
Cllr Michael Williams – Plaid Cymru, Pembrokeshire
Cambridge Green Party

Arts, Culture and Law

Rich Aitken – production director, Nimrod Productions
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown – columnist and author
Tracy Angelina
Attila the Stockbroker – poet, musician, and songwriter
Bill Bailey – actor and comedian
David Barsamian – broadcaster and author of Targeting Iran
Cary Bazalgette – writer/consultant on media literacy and children’s media
Ronan Bennett – novelist and screenwriter
William Blum – author on US foreign policy
Lenni Brenner – author
Angela Bruce – actor
Tam Dean Burn – actor
Dr Helen Caldicott – physician, writer, and activist
Les Carter – musician, Abdoujaparov (formerly Carter USM)
Treasa Ni Cheannabhain
Caroline Coon – artist, journalist and political activist
Mark Curtis – historian and journalist
Darren Deicide – musician and activist
Denise DuFault – President, Apple Tree Productions
George Eaton – comment editor, Warwick Boar
Róisín Elsaftysean-nós (Irish traditional) singer
Yves Engler – writer and activist
Sonali Fernando – film and television director
Dick Gaughan – musician
Lisa Goldman – Artistic Director, Soho Theatre, London
Matt Harvey – poet and columnist
Chris Holden – anti-war artist
Sunny Hundal – journalist and blogger
Ron Jacobs – writer
Robb Johnson – musician, songwriter, and author
Stan Keable – Pres, Int Communist Esperantist Collective (IKEK)
Margaret Kimberley – editor and senior columnist, Black Agenda Report
Naomi Klein – author, journalist, and activist
Chris Knight – author ‘Blood Relations’, Radical Anthropology Group
Professor Joel Kovel – editor, Capitalism Nature Socialism
Steve Lendman – broadcaster and writer
Terry Liddle – vice-chair, South Place Ethical Society (pc)
Ken Loach – filmmaker
Mark Lynas – journalist, author, and environmentalist
Ryta CYN Lyndley – writer
Jimmy McGovern – scriptwriter
Ray McGovern – co-founder, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity
Bill Madden – musician, singer-songwriter, and activist
Michael Mansfield QC
Iman Mersal – poet
Dr Majid Naficy – poet and human rights activist, USA
Maryam Namazie – Third Camp
David Nicol – writer
Dave Osler – journalist and author
Revd Dr John Perumbalath – St Mark’s Church, Northfleet
Kim Petersen – co-editor, Dissident Voice
James T Phillips – journalist
John Pilger – journalist and writer
Guy Picciotto – singer/guitarist, Fugazi
Simon Pirani – London Freelance Branch, National Union of Journalists
Tom Robinson – songwriter and broadcaster
John Ross – author, activist, human shield in Baghdad
Leon Rosselson – writer and musician
Martin Rowson – cartoonist
Dr Ali S-Amiri – senior technical director, OCETA
Peggy Seeger – singer, songmaker, and activist
Michelle Shocked – singer-songwriter
Norman Solomon – columnist, author of War Made Easy
John Stanton – journalist and author
Mike Stark – writer and activist
Marcus Ström – editor, Labor Tribune, Australia
Charlotte Westenra – theatre director
Dave White – guitar technician
Kathryn Williams – singer-songwriter
Andy Worthington – author and journalist
Haifa Zangana – writer
UNIT (Andy Martin, Luc Tran, Ngo Achoi, and Thanh Trung Nguyen) – rock band


Dr Toby Abse – Goldsmiths College, University of London
Dr Matthew Adams – University of Brighton
Nafeez Ahmed – University of Sussex
Dr Nadje Al-Ali – University of Exeter
EC Apling – formerly University of Reading
Dr Anthony Ashbolt – University of Wollongong, Australia
Professor Bill Ayers – University of Illinois, Chicago
KS Balakrishnan – University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur
Professor Harald Bauder – University of Guelph
Dr Gurminder K Bhambra – Keele University
Dr Patrick Bernhagen – University of Aberdeen
Professor Andreas Bieler – University of Nottingham
Professor Cyrus Bina – University of Minnesota, Morris
Marianne Bøe – University of Bergen
Dr Tracy Bowell – philosopher, Aotearoa New Zealand
Professor Bill Bowring – Birkbeck College, University of London
Dr Maud Bracke – University of Glasgow
Professor Susanne Brandtstadter – University of Oslo
Dr Peter Bratsis – University of Salford
Dr Keith Breen – Queen’s University Belfast
Dr Terry Brotherstone – University of Aberdeen
Dr Jeff Browitt – University of Technology, Sydney
Professor Verity Burgmann – University of Melbourne
Dr Gideon Calder – University of Wales, Newport
Dr Ben Campbell – University of Durham
Liam Campling – School of Oriental and African Studies
Dr E Paula Casal – University of Reading
Dr Sharad Chari – LSE & University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Dr Shohini Chaudhuri – University of Essex
Professor Bernard Chazelle – Princeton University
Professor François Chesnais – University of Paris XIII: Paris-Nord
Denzil Chetty – University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Professor Noam Chomsky – MIT
Professor Julia Clancy-Smith – University of Arizona
Dr Carmel Cloran – University of Wollongong, Australia
Professor Dana L Cloud – University of Texas, Austin
Professor David Cockburn – University of Wales, Lampeter
Professor Lorraine Code – York University, Toronto
Rabbi Professor Dan Cohn-Sherbok – University of Wales, Lampeter
Dr Phil Connors – Deakin University, Australia
Professor Christine Cooper – University of Strathclyde
Professor Arif Dirlik – Chinese University of Hong Kong
Professor Drucilla Cornell – Rutgers University
Dr Andrew Cumbers – University of Glasgow
Dr Rolf Czeskleba-Dupont – University of Roskilde
Professor Hamid Dabashi – Columbia University
Dr Gary Daniels – Keele University
Dr Ramon Das – Victoria University of Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand
Dr Jonathan Davies – University of Warwick
Professor Mike Davis – University of California, Irvine
Dr Manali Desai – University of Kent, Canterbury
Dr James Dickins – University of Salford
Professor Chris Doran – University of New Brunswick
Professor Danny Dorling – University of Sheffield
Dr Gordon Downie – University of the West of England
Dr Richard Drayton – University of Cambridge
Professor Gavin Edwards – University of Glamorgan
Professor Regi Theodor Enerstvedt – University of Oslo
Professor Piet Erasmus – University of the Free State, South Africa
Professor Mary Evans – University of Kent
Professor Richard Falk – Princeton University & University of California, Santa Barbara
Professor Moataz Fattah – Cairo University & Central Michigan University
Professor Suman Fernando – University of Kent & London Metropolitan University
Professor Hartry Field – New York University
Dr Clare Finburgh – University of Essex
Dr Paul Flewers – historian
Dr Tony Fluxman – Rhodes University, South Africa
Professor Bridget Fowler – University of Glasgow
Professor Bill Freund – University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Professor Susan Frohlick – University of Manitoba
Professor Steve Fuller – University of Warwick
Professor Annie Gagiano – Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Professor Laszlo Garai – University of Szeged, Hungary
Professor Philip Gasper – Notre Dame de Namur University (Belmont, CA)
Dr Saeed Ghahremani – University of Chicago
RR Rockingham Gill – University of Wales, Lampeter
Professor Colin Groves – Australian National University
Dr Susanne Hakenbeck – University of Cambridge
Professor Allan Dreyer Hansen – University of Roskilde
Dr Kenneth Hansen – University of Oslo
Dr Ben Harker – University of Salford
Dr Rumy Hasan – University of Sussex
Dr Charles Hawksley – University of Wollongong, Australia
Professor John Hazard – Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México
Dr Eric Herring – University of Bristol
Dr Johannes Hoff – University of Wales, Lampeter
Professor James Holstun – SUNY Buffalo, USA
Mehdi Husaini – UCU University & College Union
Dr Nabila Jaber – University of Canterbury, Aotearoa New Zealand
Fiona Jackson – University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Rosemary Jane – University of Portsmouth
Dr Diana Jeater – University of the West of England
Caterina Jeffcote – University of Portsmouth
Dr Fiona Jenkins – Australian National University
Professor George Joffe – King’s College, London & University of Cambridge
Peter Jowers – University of the West of England
Professor Guy Julier – Leeds Metropolitan University
Victor Kattan – Research Fellow, British Institute of International & Comparative Law
Dr Gerry Kearns – University of Cambridge
Professor Jeremy Keenan – University of Exeter & University of Bristol
Kazim Khan – City University, London
Professor Ray Kiely – Queen Mary, University of London
Professor Robert Kirchner – University of Alberta
Dr Gilton Klerck – Rhodes University, South Africa
Dr Max Koch – Queen’s University Belfast
Dr Chandra Kumar – Rhodes University, South Africa
Salam al Kuntar – University of Cambridge
Professor Vinay Lal – University of California, Los Angeles
Professor James Laxer – York University, Toronto
Dr Matt Lee – University of Greenwich
Professor Madeleine Leonard – Queen’s University Belfast
Dr Lisa Leung – Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Professor Ruth Lister – Loughborough University
Dr James A Luchte – University of Wales, Lampeter
Dr Stephen M Lyon – University of Durham
Professor Gavan McCormack – Australian National University
Professor Elaine McDuff – Truman State University, Missouri
Professor Gavin MacFadyen – City University, London
Professor Alan Macfarlane – University of Cambridge
Professor Colin McGinn – University of Miami
Professor Moshé Machover – King’s College, London
Professor John McIlroy – Keele University
Dr Michael McKinley – Australian National University
Dr Anne Macklin – University of Leeds
Dr Mike Macnair – University of Oxford
Professor Manning Marable – Columbia University
Leo Marai – University of Papau New Guinea
Professor György Márkus – University of Sydney
Professor Sallie A Marston – University of Arizona
Professor Bill Martin – DePaul University, Chicago
Professor Brian Martin – University of Wollongong, Australia
Dr Janet Mather – Manchester Metropolitan University
Yassamine Mather – University of Glasgow
Dr Steve Matthews – Charles Sturt University, Australia
Professor Paul Maylam – Rhodes University, South Africa
Dr Davina Miller – University of Bradford
Dr Claire Mitchell – Queen’s University Belfast
Professor Tariq Modood – University of Bristol
Professor Adrian Moore – University of Oxford
Professor SN Mukherjee – University of Sydney
Professor Nirmalangshu Mukherji – University of Delhi
Dr MM Musthafa – University of Calicut, India
Dr Karma Nabulsi – University of Oxford
Dr Camille Nakhid – Auckland University of Technology, Aotearoa New Zealand
Professor John Newsinger – Bath Spa University
Dr Kalypso Nicolaïdis – University of Oxford
Professor Christopher Norris – Cardiff University
Professor Samir Okasha – University of Bristol
Dr Douglas Pacheco – University of the South Pacific, Fiji
Dr Len Palmer – Charles Sturt University, Australia
Dr Rob Pattman – University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Dr Geraldene Peters – AUT University, Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand
Dr Annie Potts – University of Canterbury, Aotearoa New Zealand
Dr Leonhard Praeg – Rhodes University, South Africa
Professor Mohan Rao – Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
Dr Tahmina Rashid – RMIT University, Melbourne
Professor William L Richter – Kansas State University
Professor Margaret Critchlow Rodman – York University, Toronto
Professor John E Roemer – Yale University
Professor William R Roff – Columbia University, New York
Professor Hilary Rose – University of Bradford
Professor Jonathan Rosenhead – London School of Economics
Professor Sheila Rowbotham – University of Manchester
Dr Tom Ryan – University of Waikato, Aotearoa New Zealand
Dr Amir Saeed – University of Sunderland
Professor Natsu Taylor Saito – Georgia State University College of Law
Dr Peter Sarris – University of Cambridge
Dr RK Satpathy – North-East Hill University, India
Dr Andrew Schaap – University of Melbourne
Professor Amy Schmitter – University of Alberta
Professor Phil Scraton – Queen’s University Belfast
Professor Julius Sensat – University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Professor Stephen R Shalom – William Paterson University, NJ
Professor Steven Shaviro – Wayne State University, Detroit
Professor Avi Shlaim – University of Oxford
Dr Damien Short – Roehampton University
Professor Timothy Shortell – Brooklyn College, CUNY
Professor Udo Schuklenk – Glasgow Caledonian University
Cliff Slaughter – author and retired lecturer
Peter Smith – politics academic, NE England
Elizabeth Stanley – Victoria University of Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand
Dr Adam Swift – University of Oxford
Professor Phil Taylor – University of Strathclyde
Dr Harriet Tenenbaum – Kingston University
Professor Colin Thain – University of Ulster
Dr Peter Thompson – University of Sheffield
Professor Hillel Ticktin – University of Glasgow
Dr Jason Toynbee – Open University
Professor Martin M Tweedale – University of Alberta
Professor Peter Vale – Rhodes University, South Africa
Dr Fleur Visser – University of Worcester
Professor Susan Weissman – St Mary’s College of California
Professor Cornel West – Princeton University
Dr Peter Wilkin – Brunel University
Professor David Wilson – University of Central England
Professor George Wolfe – Ball State University
Yvonne Wollny – Middlesex University


Anne Adams – secretary, Herefordshire Green Party
Hamid Akbari
Ameena Al-Rasheed
Geoff Barr
Barry Biddulph
Andrew Birkby –
Young Greens co-elections officer
Phil Burton-Cartledge – Socialist Party
Adrian Bonds
Jeremy Butler
– Woking
Rosemary Byrne – Solidarity co-convenor
Naomi Byron – Socialist Party
David R Callaghan
Brian Candeland
– chair, Manchester Green Party
Jim Carroll – Scottish Socialist Party (Ayr)
Matthew Caygill – Leeds Metropolitan University
Michael Chewter – member, Skipton & Ripon CLP
Peter Commane
Steve Cooke
– Stockton-on-Tees
Tim Cooper – Nottingham
Pat Corcoran – Dublin
Mike Cotgreave
Shireen Coulson
B Ó Curraoin
– Éire
Farmarz Davar – Chicago, USA
Carey Davies – Communist Students, Sheffield
Nick Davies – chair, Welsh Labour Grassroot
D Devlin – USA
Pete Dickinson – Socialist Party
Ian Donovan – secretary, Southwark Respect (pc)
Hamid Eshani – formerly Institute of Middle Eastern, Islamic, and Strategic Studies
Kevin Doyle – Cork
Amy Drayson – Ipswich Green Party
Robert Eagleton
Jean-Michel Edwin
Mark Fischer
Steve Freeman
Leigh French
Borzu Fuldavand
– Washington, USA
Dave Gay – Permanent Revolution
Dr Reza Ghafari – London
Charlie Graham – Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate, Bridgwater
Tess Green – member, Green Party, Bristol S
Ulku Guney
Nura Abdullatti Hagi – Somali Human Rights Advocacy Group, Ireland
Fiona Harrington – IWW
Mike Hassibi
Teresa Hayter – writer and activist
Dr A Holberg – Germany
Dr JG Hunt – Hounslow Green Party
David Isaacson – Leeds
Ewa Jasiewicz
Amir Javaheri – Sweden
Matthew Jones
Nicholas Jones
James Keegans
– Scottish Socialist Party
Phil Kent
K Hesami
Mehdi Kia
Ioannis Kokosalakis
– Scottish Socialist Party (RCN)
Dave Landau
Carolyn Leckie
– Scottish Socialist Party
Ben Lewis – Sheffield
Jim Lowe – Socialist Party (Exeter), NUT
Mhairi McAlpine – Scottish Socialist Party
Sandy McBurney
John Mcfeely
– membership sec, No More Prison
Virginia MacFadyen
Chris McGarvie
Rod MacGregor
– Scottish Socialist Party
John McLintock – Glasgow
Katherine McMahon
Anne McShane
– Cork
Peter Manson
Fereydoon Mansouri
– Sweden
Ruben Markarian – Rahe Kargar
Ahmad Mazarei
Tariq Mehmmod
Ardeshir Mehrdad
– Rahe Kargar
Martin Mørch – Red-Green Alliance, Denmark
Peter Moody – Socialist Party USA/Solidarity (US)
Milly Morris – West Yorkshire
Denise Morton – EC member, Scottish Socialist Party
Peter Morton – RDG/Socialist Alliance
Mojtaba Nazari
Uche Odinukwe – Socialist Workers Party, Cork
Tim Oxton – writer and activist, Colchester
John Pearson – treasurer, Democratic Socialist Alliance
Paola Ponce – Durham University
Firouzeh Rad – Netherlands
Tanjil Rashid – Ilford
Matthew Rayner – Australian Labor Party
Dan Read
Leigh Richards
– Swansea Green Party
Nick Rogers
Marvin Joel Rubin
Nader Sadeh – Germany
Azizeh Shahmoradi
Jim Smith
Saeed Sohrabi
Nigel Tart – chair, LGBT Green Party group
Jamie Tedford, EC member, Communist Students
Dr Phil Walden
Dave Walsh
– webmaster, LGBT Green Group
Andrew Weir – Scottish Socialist Party (RCN)
Rob White – secretary, Reading Green Party
James Youd – Cambridge Green Party
Dr Mehdi Youssefi – USA
Zhaleh – Houston, USA

Trade unions and trade unionists

The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS)
ASLEF, the UK union for train drivers and operators

Charlie Pottins – assistant secretary, Brent TUC (pc)
David Bull – branch secretary, ASLEF, Ramsgate
Pauline Cassim – branch rep, PCS, Hartlepool (pc)
Andrew Coates – chair, T&G Branch 1/460
Mary Cooper – University & College Union (pc)
Des Derwin – vice-president, Dublin Council of Trade Unions (pc)
Pete Firmin – joint secretary and president, Brent TUC (pc)
Piers Elias – Stockton-on-Tees Unison(pc)
Prakashnee Govender – policy researcher, Congress of South African Trade Unions (pc)
Tony Greenstein – secretary, Brighton & Hove TUC Unemployed Workers Centre
Hillary Horrock – NUJ
Paul Hunt – Unison shop steward, Coventry
Ewa Jasiewicz – writer, journalist, human rights activist, and union organiser
Oupa Komane – deputy general secretary, National Union of Mineworkers, South Africa
Liz Leicester – Unison, Camden (pc)
Doug Lowe – International Officer, Unison, Northern Devon Healthcare Branch (pc)
Jim Moody
Joe Moore – CWU, Ireland (pc)
Walton Pantland – Unite the Union (pc)
Ali Pichgah – former member of Iranian oil workers Shora
Marianne Quick – branch secretary, University & College Union, Edge Hill University
Lee Rock – national secretary, PCSU Socialist Caucus
Rebecka Sawbridge – Black Students NUS
Mick Shaw – President, Fire Brigades Union
Simon Wells

(pc = personal capacity)


Communist Party of Great Britain
Communist League (USA)
Communist Workers League (USA)
Communist Students
Green Party
Iran Bulletin – Middle East Forum
Iranian Workers Bulletin
Irish Socialist Network
Jewish Socialist Group
Labour Representation Commitee
Marxistische Initiative (Germany)
Movement for Socialism
Permanent Revolution
Organization of Revolutionary Workers of Iran (Rahe Kargar)
Republican Communist Network
The Rotten Elements
Socialist Alliance
Socialist  Democracy (Ireland)
Scottish Socialist Party
The Starry Plough Initiative (Ireland)
Workers Left Unity – Iran
Young Greens
Youth/Peasants Federation (Nepal)

There are HOPI groups in Cardiff, London, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Glasgow, Brighton, Cambridge, Oxford…

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