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Videos from HOPI day school 30-5-2015

Yassamine Mather: The current situation in the Middle East – Iraq, Syria, Yemen, IS, Iran Mike Macnair: US strategy in the region, inconsistencies and chaos. A sign of the decline or a deliberate policy? Responding to the Debate Moshe Machover … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia: King promotes his favourites


What is the significance of the power struggle within the Saudi dynasty? Last week, in the middle of a war in Yemen, where Saudi troops are engaged in major battles, we witnessed a quiet but significant, not to say unprecedented, … Continue reading

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Children of ayatollahs flaunt their wealth


Three deadly road accidents in one week, involving expensive cars driven by super-rich young Iranians, have dominated this week’s news in Iran – especially after the country’s supreme leader, ayatollah Ali Khamenei, used a meeting with police chiefs to criticise … Continue reading

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Will the deal bring peace?

John Kerry: to the deadline and beyond

Finally, after eight days of intensive negotiations, on April 2 Iran and the P5+1 powers agreed a statement of intent, which will become the framework for the final deal to be signed in June 2015. This does not mean the … Continue reading

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