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No safe space for women


On October 25 the authorities in Iran’s Islamic Republic executed Reyhaneh Jabbari for killing a man who allegedly tried to rape her in 2009. The 26-year-old Reyhaneh had spent the last seven years in prison, charged with the murder of … Continue reading

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From Sykes-Picot to “Islamic State”: Imperialism’s Bloody Wreckage


Yassamine Mather writing on the site of US organisation Solidarity

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Imperialism has no progressive role in Kobanê


The group formerly known as Daesh (Isis), now Islamic State, entered the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobanê In the early hours of Tuesday October 7. As this statement is issued, air strikes seem to have halted its advance for the … Continue reading

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No To Intervention! Islamic State atrocities must not disorientate us! There are no short cuts, no easy solutions to the crisis in the middle east!


Every new barbaric atrocity by the Islamic State (Isis) makes headlines. Precisely as they are intended to do. US attacks may have the effect of slowing down Isis’ military progress – but it cannot be beaten by military interventions. Ironically, … Continue reading

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