HOPI’s Yassamine Mather on BBC Persian Service

The United States is about to release the frozen cash in some Iranians’ bank accounts, saying Tehran has kept to the interim deal over its nuclear programme. Yassamine Mather was invited to discuss the deal on the BBC Persian Service. Note, the clip is in Farsi throughout!


Shahrokh Zamani returned to Gohardasht prison

zamaniShahrokh Zamani, labour  activist and a member of  the Council of Representatives of Labour Organizations and member of the Painters Union spent over 30 days in  hunger strike. Zamani has been in prison since June 2011   charged with participating in the organisation of an illegal group against the regime,  the Democratic Workers Movement with the intention of endangering national security through activism.
While in prison he has been physically and psychologically abused, denied medication and denied access to visitors. Following his recent transfer to the notorious Ghezel Hesar prison he started a hunger strike. In the last few weeks the  campaign organised by many left wing Iranian organisations, including  Left Unity Iran  called for his return to Gohardast prison.