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Iran-US: Paper tigers and false victories

Deal agreed ... for how long?

The deal with Iran represents a partial, but important success for imperialism, writes Yassamine Mather

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Video: The Geneva talks and the implications for the people in Iran

iran talks

Video podcast with Hopi chair Yassamine Mather  

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Hopi briefing on Geneva talks and sanctions

Hopi Briefing on the background to the Geneva talks, November 2013

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Pass this resolution in your organisation!


Oppose the crimes of the theocracy! Oppose the threats and sanctions of the imperialists! Download a PDF of this motion here.

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Solidarity with political prisoners


The thawing of the relations between the Iran and the west has resulted in an intensification on the repression bearing down on activists domestically and a flurry of executions of prisoners, some of them long term. Urgent solidarity is required … Continue reading

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Iran: End sanctions now


Details of Iran’s proposals at the much heralded negotiations with the P5+1 powers that took place last weekend in Geneva were supposed to be secret. However, rumours about what has or has not been agreed have filled the Iranian and … Continue reading

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Iran executions: Brutal signal to opponents


Iran’s Islamic government might be taking a more ‘moderate’ approach regarding nuclear negotiations, but as far as internal repression is concerned its stance is as bad as ever before – as bad as the worst periods of the rule of … Continue reading

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