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The Law and the Iran Tribunal

Yassamine Mather interviews Mike Macnair, lecturer in law at Oxford University on law, international law, and the Iran Tribunal. This interview was conducted for Rahe Kargar, the Organisation of Revolutionary Workers in Iran.   [Audio clip: view full post to … Continue reading

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In the firing line

When is a political tribunal ‘non-political’? Hands Off the People of Iran national secretary Mark Fischer responds to the latest salvo of pro-imperialist apologetics Hands Off the People of Iran and the Weekly Worker have been sent a document authored … Continue reading

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Blogger Sattar Beheshti dies in custody

Sattar Beheshti, who ran a blog critical of the Iranian regime, was arrested on October 30 for comments made on Facebook, and handed over to the ‘cyber police’. After a night in Evin prison, where he complained about threats and … Continue reading

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Quotes: Why we don’t support the Iran Tribunal

Israeli socialist and found of Matzpen, Moshé Machover, believes that some of the organisers and participants have “acted with evident good will, but that is not enough. It often happens that people of good intentions lend themselves out of naivety … Continue reading

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The 7 key arguments against the “Iran Tribunal”

1. Payam Akhavan (chair and spokesperson of the tribunal’s steering committee) has links to organisations that have accepted large amounts of money from the US government 2. The tribunal refuses to take a stand against war and sanctions on Iran … Continue reading

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