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Video: Why HOPI opposes the ‘Iran Tribunal’

Yassamine Mather and Mark Fischer of Hands Off the People of Iran explain why the so-called “Iran Tribunal” that has been taking place in London, should not be supported by socialists and communists: because of its financial support from the … Continue reading

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Iranians & Israelis against war

Israelis and Iranians against war 20th August 2012 4.45 pm No to imperialist war! No to sanctions! No to the theocratic regime! Support for socialism and democracy in Iran and therefore solidarity with all democratic, working class, socialist and secular … Continue reading

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Stepping up the threats

It is mid-summer in an election year, so we should not be surprised by the hawkish statements regarding Iran coming from the US – not just from the Republican contender, Mitt Romney, but also the current US president. However, even … Continue reading

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