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Week of action, February 13-20 2010

Hands Off the People of Iran is launching a week of action in solidarity with the grassroots opposition movement in Iran, running from Saturday, February 13 to Saturday, February 20. This will see fundraising events, protest actions and meetings. Comrades … Continue reading

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HOPI conference, November 28 2009

“Solidarity with workers in Iran our key priority after the June election” Click here to report a full report Click here to read the adopted policies in full The video below gives an impressions from the conference, which discussed imperialism’s … Continue reading

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Ramin Aghazadeh: fourth victim of Kahrizak detention center

Ramin Aghazadeh

   In an interview with Panjereh Weekly, Abdolhossein Ruholamini revealed the death of Ramin Aghazadeh. Abdolhossein Ruholamini, Mohsen Ruholamini’s father, claimed that this is the fourth death because of the treatment of prisoners at Kahrizak detention center. Ramin Aghazadeh died following his … Continue reading

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Declaration on the formation of the Provisional Workers Council in Isfahan's Steel Company

Workers Council in Isfahan

Isfahan’s Steel Company is and has always been one of the largest industrial complexes in Iran.  Despite this, and although workers  have been involved in industrial action to improve their working conditions,  Iran’s Steel Company workers  have never benefited from … Continue reading

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Against the status quo: An Interview with Iranian trade unionist Homayoun Pourzad

Against the status quo

Despite unrelenting state repression, there have been rumblings throughout the 2000s of renewed labor organizing inside the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI). One result of this upsurge in labor organizing was the May 2005 re-founding of the Syndicate of Workers … Continue reading

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‘Reformists’ fear revolution

Repression and Resistance

    Repression and Resistance  The attempt by the two wings of the Iranian regime to shelve their differences is unlikely to defuse the mass movement, writes Yassamine Mather  More than two weeks after the demonstrations of December 27 2009, … Continue reading

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Theocracy threatens bloodbath as mass movement grows

Iranian workers are on the offensive, reports Chris Strafford 2010 has begun the way 2009 ended in the Islamic Republic of Iran, with millions protesting in cities and towns across the country. But the dangers facing the Iranian people have … Continue reading

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Iran executes another political prisoner

Murdered for opposing tyranny

On the morning of Wednesday, January 6th at 4:00am, Fasih Yasamani, a political prisoner, was hanged in Khoy Prison. According to a report from the Committee of Human Rights Activists in Kurdistan, the execution officials unexpectedly and without following the … Continue reading

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Iran: regime crackdown disguises weaknesses in the face of opposition

“Khameneii, Khamenei, your guardianship (velayat) is dissolved”

Mehdi Kia co-editor Middle East Left ForumKargar) discusses the mass movement in Iran and the weaknesses of the theocratic regime. This article is from the magazine Permanent Revolution and was written in November. The coup in Iran, that took place … Continue reading

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جلسه محرمانه فرمانده هان بسیج قسمت سوم

صدای ضبط شده از جلسه محرمانه فرمانده هان بسیج ضد شورش ، روشهای جلوگیری از اغتشاش و تاکتیکهای سرکوب معترضین These are recordings of Pasdaran commanders discussing tactics and were made on July 17 and are in Farsi only. Below are … Continue reading

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