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Regime threatens mass murder whilst left activists are arrested

We will fight until all of our classmates, comrades and friends are released. we wont let the Islamic republic take the revenge of its inevitable collapse on activists.

    Below is a brief report of the moves the regime has been taking against known leftwing activists and the threats that leading officialis have been giving on state television. This report was sent to us by  Anahita Hosseini of the … Continue reading

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27 December: Iran’s bloody Sunday

Mass protests rock Islamic Republic

December 27 was the bloodiest and most violent convulsion in Iran since the June elections. Millions of ordinary Iranians came out onto the streets to use the Ashura ceremonies and mourning as a focal point of opposition protests. In every … Continue reading

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Ayatollah Hussein-Ali Montazeri (1922-2009)


The contradictory figure of Ayatollah Montazeri died in the early hours of Sunday, December 20. In one of his last statements, he warned that the current crisis in Iran was threatening the entire basis of the regime. Yet how did … Continue reading

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Videos from Hopi's AGM

Impressions from Hopi’s Annual General meeting, which discussed the issues of imperialism’s drive to war, our opposition to sanctions, the workers’ movement in Iran and the tasks for the solidarity movement Imperialism’s drive towards war Speakers: Mike Macnair and Moshe … Continue reading

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HOPI AGM report


Chris Strafford reports on the annual general meeting of Hands Off the People of Iran On Saturday November 28 around 60 people gathered for Hands Off the People of Iran’s third conference. Motions condemning sanctions and threats of war against … Continue reading

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Free All Political Prisoners in Iran – Manchester Vigil on December 17th


FREE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS IN IRAN Vigil for all of those who have been arrested A vigil and rally called by Iranian students and supporters at the University of Manchester to show solidarity with hundreds of students and other political … Continue reading

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Student activist Mohammad Pourabdollah sentenced to six years imprisonment

Only crime: fighting for freedom

  Mohammad Pourabdollah a member of Freedom and Equality Seeking Students in Iran was arrested during a brutal attack on his home in Tehran on February 12th 2009. Mohammad was a chemical engineering student at the University of Tehran. He … Continue reading

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Leaflet for Azar 16 London Embassy Demonstration

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Hopi activists at Azar 16 demo outside Iranian Embassy in London


On Monday December 7, Hands Off the People of Iran activists attended a demonstration outside the Iranian embassy to mark Students Day. It was particularly important for those outside Iran to express our solidarity because this year’s commemorations in that … Continue reading

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16 Azar: The entire regime is the target!

“Mousavi is an excuse, the entire regime is the target”

The 56th anniversary of a murder of a student by the Shah’s security forces during Vice-president Nixon’s visit in 1953 may prove to be the last held under the heel of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Possibly millions of students, … Continue reading

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