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Crepe Naz workers go on strike

Two hundred and fifty workers at the Crepe Naz textiles factory in Harsin County (in Kermanshah Province, western Iran) stopped work on 12-15 September to protest against not being paid their wages for the past four months. The Crepe Naz … Continue reading

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Two teachers arrested in Karaj charged with attempting to organize strike

Free All Political Prisoners

The suppressive agents of the State Security Forces attacked “Shohaday-e Saypa” technical school in Qalam Street of Karaj arresting two teachers at 11:00am on Tuesday. They were charged with planning to organize a strike on behalf of part time teachers. … Continue reading

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Defiance and Resistance at Tehran University

Thousands of Tehran University students swelled the streets around the university’s main entrance and and Alameh Amini Auditorium where the Science Minister, Kamran Daneshjoo was supposed to be taking part in the opening ceremonies. Students ripped up posters and demanded … Continue reading

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Save Sheida Jahanbin!

Sheida Jahanbin, a former member of the Freedom and Equality Seeking Students in Iran, is facing deportation from the Netherlands where she resides in exile. Sheida is twenty seven years old. She was a student of Architecture and Graphic Design … Continue reading

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Leaflet: No new sanctions

Iran: Oppose all sanctions Support working class self-liberation from below! Click here to download leaflet in PDF format The October 1 nuclear talks between Iran and the UN security council are unlikely to resolve the stand-off between imperialism and the … Continue reading

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Mass protests re-ignite

Yassamine Mather calls for support and solidarity for workers in Iran If anyone was in any doubt about the continuation of the political crisis in Iran, demonstrations on Friday September 18 in Tehran, Tabriz, Mashad, Shiraz, Isfahan and elsewhere put … Continue reading

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'Trying to pep up the opposition'


There is an interesting article in this month’s Economist about the student movement in Tehran, linked below. Trying to pep up the opposition Why the ruling ayatollahs want to keep Iran’s students under their thumb

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